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  1. I have heard these very speakers - this is a good deal.
  2. True. We're gonna see how pissed off the neighbors can get. My strategy is my rugged La Scalas on wheels and toolbox audio system - if any of the 5 neighbors in the cul-de-sac want to have a party, they may borrow them. Can't really complain about me if they're doing it too. 12 minutes? It appears we are about 1 mile apart as the crow flies. Oh, and about 3 more weeks here at the beach.
  3. @Dave1291 it was great brisket too. @Tarheel and I had a good talk and discovered a parking space that only one person successfully navigated into. The rest kept parking ON the line. When we left the place, I had to go inspect the stripe.
  4. The Sound Room in Chesterfield, MO has a pair. Well, they did. That's a haul from Peoria but not too bad. You should call them first.
  5. re-reading Gödel, Escher, Bach. Incredible book.
  6. Speakers have been awarded to the next recipient. Thank you to all that participated, and I hope these continue to bring joy to those that have them in the future!
  7. About 4 years ago, @Blackbird gifted me a pair of Heresy speakers in pretty darned good condition. I listened to them often at work and a bit at home. @MookieStl examined them and told me they were "1.5" editions. I had to pay shipping from Florida to Missouri, but they were well worth that and even had the proper top and bottom shipping styrofoam to help them make a safe trip. I agreed at the time to: Pay shipping to receive them. Give them a good home where they would be enjoyed. Keep the shipping materials. Offer them up when I was done with them with the same deal applying going forward. No sales or gifts to anyone, they must be offered up here to the next recipient when you're done enjoying them. You must be willing to accept the above terms and conditions. There is no time limit on "done". Just give them a good home and listen to them. Ideally, you'll have them a while and pass the joy along someday. I will accept PMs starting today, and I will make the decision on January 5th as to who they go to. That person must provide a ship-to zip code (U.S. only, sorry) and be willing and ready to paypal the cost of the shipping on that day, providing that the amount isn't beyond your budget. If the amount is too much for you, they go to the next person I choose. This is not on a first-come first-served basis. Replies to this thread are not being considered, only PMs. On January 5th, I will announce here who gets them. Tell me what speakers you have now, and why you'd like to own a set of Heresys. Tell me why you should be the person that gets them next. Tell me you agree to the terms. My reputation here is solid; this is not a scam. The original thread is here:
  8. Got mine today and it is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on all the hard work!
  9. Every time? You scheduling recurring visits?
  10. Klipschorns = now an Emotiva Stealth feeding an A100 amp, was XDA-2 feeding Neurochrome Modulus-86 (inside system) La Scalas = Brennan B2 feeding a SMSL Q5. (outside system) Heresys = Dayton DTA-pro. (basement system)
  11. Saw them live 2 or 3 times. Fantastic band. Martin and Jim are great guitarists and play off one another often. Rob Hirst is a monster drummer, and Peter is unusual but talented too. RIP Bones Hillman.
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