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  1. Enjoy the HP 3 , I listened to them and they are awesome.
  2. I was interested in the Klipsch DAC/amp but it seemed like it was never in stock anywhere.... I ended up buying a Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amp. It is built like a tank in the USA, sounds phenomenal. No dac but driving it with my NAD M51 with XLR and it blew me away. It has xlr / trs , RCA, 1/8 stereo inputs. This is a must audition piece if you are looking for a reference amp without spending a fortune. I normally never buy sight unseen , but I took a chance and this amp was worth ever penny of it's $500 price tag.
  3. Do you still need a pic of a kg1 x-over?
  4. I love mine, and yes the key is proper sub integration. I use a Velodyne SMS 1 with a REL r305 to apply a steep x-over around 50 Hz and its awesome.
  5. I just replaced my stock Heresy III tweeters with Bob's Ti diaphrams. They are excellent quality and sound great. My son was streaming some music during my daughter's college graduation party.... and she came over all drunk and cranked the volume fully clockwise, it was bad.... I replaced the faulty mids , but I wasn't convinced the tweeters were ok. They tested ok but I thought they sounded weird. Put the Crites in, perfect fit and sound phenomenal. Outstanding customer service too... I'm tired of getting piss poor customer service everywhere I shop lately, it's great to know there are still companies that care about their customers and their reputation. My new go to source for Klipsch parts.
  6. After an unfortunate accident with my Heresy III, I replaced the obviously open midrange diaphram but wasn't convinced that the tweeters were spared. I was going to order new tweeter diaphrams too from Klipsch but remembered Crites is into almost all things Klipsch. So I ordered a pair of Ti tweeter diaphrams and replaced the original ones. Now with new mid and tweeter diaphrams they sound like new. The Crites tweeter diaphram is of excellent quality and sounds excellent... the best part about ordering them from Crites was the customer service.... great guy to deal with , I'll be doing business with them again for sure.
  7. I've had GL 66 and 88. I thought they sounded good but the 88s failed after a year. The 66 are my back up. I am currently using the Mullard repops and honestly they sound pretty good in my Quicksilver Mid Monos. I can't justify $200 for a quad when the Mullards sound great.
  8. Enjoy ! I have had my Heresy III for about 4 months and love them. They are the best audio purchase I've made in a long time, huge bang for the buck. I've had more expensive and supposedly "better" speakers in this room but none have sounded as great as these do ....
  9. I've had a number of speakers, several KEF, several PSB, Paradigm, B&W , and a few Klipch. One speaker I regretted selling was the Klipsch CF 4.... that's probably when I heard a pair or Heresy III I had to buy them. Really enjoying them, will never sell them. The fun per dollar ratio is off the chart. Another speaker I miss was the PSB M2 Platinum monitor. I will buy the first mint pair I come across, they were that good. Never should have sold them, replaced them with Revel M106 which were nice but in hindsight the M2 was better.
  10. Have seen them several times, one of the best live bands you will ever see.
  11. I have had the Heresy III for three months and I have to say they are great speakers for the money. 40 watts of EL34 is plenty and they sound big and bold. Not "polite" like my last few speakers.... which were fine , don't get me wrong but the H3 REALLY rock . Love 'em I'm using a c-j Classic 2SE pre and Quicksilver mono amps but just for fun I connected the Heresy to a circa 1979 Technics 15 watt RX and they still sounded pretty good .....
  12. I am using a REL R305 which is older but sounds great with the Heresy III . A little tricky to get it dialed in because the Klipsch are more sensitive than my last speakers . Sounds great though. You might even want to look at subs with an EQ , I am getting excellent results with the REL and a Velodyne SMS 1 ....
  13. Mine were consecutive and I was impressed at the matching of veneer, the speakers look identical on every side.....
  14. Unlikely you will get it completely off.... my kg1s were missing the badge, i "froze" the glue by holdi g a can of air duster upside down and gently scraped it off.... looks ok , i tried to touch it up with a sharpie i would just cover the badge with electical tape
  15. GFP 750 wasn't that a John Curl or Nelson Pass design?
  16. Can't believe you have no interest....the CF line were one of my favorites. I had a pair of CF 4. Damn millenials...and their iPods...you should put them in the Boston CL and us audio mart.. I have had good luck there.
  17. I just re-lamped and cleaned up a friends McIntosh C26. It was his Dads and he had no idea really what it was.....So of course I had to put it in a system while I had it..... Sounded pretty good .....I was surprised how good. I gave him a pair of speakers and and a small 60 watt amp and she lives again.
  18. The name of Tool Shed's amp I was referencing earlier is the Renaissance 4 and it's also a work of art..... a 4 watt EL 84 that is equally as beautiful.... Is 4 watts really enough for Heresys in 17 x 15 x 9 room at moderate levels?
  19. Spotify is great..... I use it mainly for casual listening, the sound quality is pretty good through my DAC. Tons of music I would have never discovered. I use Pandora free version through my BluRay player and thats not bad either through my DAC. I still listen to FM ,.... and CDs but the variety and convenience is hard to beat.
  20. The Quicksilver.... a classic. The C48 a modern classic. And the PV 10 is the reason I bought my Classic... I'm driving a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps into a pair of Heresy III and it's a great combo. I've had the Heresys about two weeks and I am really loving them.
  21. Conrad Johnson Classic 2 SE..... no frills, power switch, volume and source selector.
  22. I prefer US Audiomart for buying and selling, particularly selling. I still visit the 'Gon still, in fact I just chimed in how much I'm enjoying my new Heresys.....should stir up some controversy
  23. You're right Willand, there is something special about these speakers. My son came home for the weekend and wanted to hear them with some of his music.....rap unfortunately. We cranked 'em up and he was blown away. I was blown away too.... Their sense of scale and impact is unlike anything I've ever owned.... they handle complex passages without even breaking a sweat. I was nervous about how they would sound in this room, but they are the perfect size . They are well balanced and there is not one hint of harshness. In fact they are smooth compared to some metal domes I've owned. Their best attribute is they never loose their composure even at higher volumes. In fact they are so clear that I can see where you could play them at dangerous levels and not realize really how loud it is. I almost bought another pair of monitors and I'm glad I chose these instead. Huge value for the money.
  24. I am thoroughly enjoying these Heresys.... They are such a departure from every other speaker I've owned , including Klipsch CF 4..... They are an enigma....they are a 60 year old design, but they do something quite right.... they make music...... I'm using a conrad johnson Classic 2 SE preamp and a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps. These speakers convey the dynamics and impact of live music like no other speaker I've owned.
  25. My Heresys only took a week so hopefully you'll see them soon..... They are well worth the wait. The fit and finish is excellent, beautiful matched veneer. I've only got a few hours on them but they sound great. Big , dynamic sound thats the closest to live than I've ever had in my living room..... you will like..... They are fun to listen to and will put a smile on your face when you crank em up
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