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  1. no MTM here...co-axial tweeter in Zu Audio cube..makes an excellent center channel and as sensitive as the La Scalas....
  2. new crossover design and new mylar film tweeter as I understand it....
  3. I have an Acurus A2007 amp and Yamaha CX-A5200 BTW....the LaScalas do double duty as part of a 7.1 HT system....the amp is lovely w these
  4. Sultan of Snark huh? sounds pretty dickish to me...dont know why people cant have a discussion without acting like jerks...whatever....cheers
  5. doesnt matter its irrelevant in a real world scenario. I've owned AMG Mercedes, and driven them at Circuit of the Americas and Laguna Seca. While that's a blast, and really demonstrates the amazing capability of the car, it isn't something that makes a huge difference in daily use. Unless you are buying these as toys to only race them, the track capability isnt of much use. In addition track capability doesnt always make for a nice road car-suspension is often stiffer and the vehicle less pleasant to drive in ordinary circumstances. I think its no small coincidence that one can find large numbers of hard edge sports cars-Lambo, Ferrari etc...w/ low miles because as real world transport it aint fun. I ultimately sold my AMG. The hard core models like the SLS gullwing would IMHO be unpleasant daily transport. The Porsche may be better in that regard, but I will bet it will be ridiculously priced w less mileage than a comparable Tesla.
  6. Tesla Roadster isnt out yet, then we'll see who has bragging rights. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that these are daily drivers/transportation. As such, Porsche is FAR behind Tesla in real world experience w electric vehicles, programming and efficiency, and charger networks. In addition the range isnt close to even the cheapest Tesla.
  7. love my AL5s.....keepers fer shure....articulate, sensitive, lively....beats everything I had before-including Focals and B&Ws....
  8. he did end the article saying anyone with a taste for realistic playback owes them a listen....doesnt sound bad to me. I dont think he necessarily listened to them in an ideal environment, and just maybe he had an axe to grind having been denied the chance years before to review the prior version...but it's a generally favorable review...
  9. damn that sucks.....thought about the Marantz as well, but the Yamaha had really good DACs and features
  10. The current set up-Acurus A2007, Yamaha CX-A5200, Zu Audio cube center, La Scala AL5 fronts, Sonance VP80s x4 in ceiling surround (14 ft floor-ceiling windows-wall mount not feasible) Rhythmic SW. Just replaced an Onkyo TX-RZ800, which I thought sounded good, but dayum what a difference...WOW
  11. nice...you made the most of the available space...
  12. Monoprice amps look good-built in US as well. They claim no current limiting and true rated per channel output. Would obviously need a processor...
  13. I hear a lot about timbre matching and frankly to my ear its a nonissue. I have LaScala AL5 fronts, a Zu Audio cube center (highly sensitive, very musical) and Sonance VP80s in ceiling-sounds great to me. Had to use ceiling for surround due to 14ft floor-ceiling windows on 2 walls.
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