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    Yamaha CX-A5200, Sunfire TGA 7201, La Scala AL5x2, Zu Audio cube center, Sonance x4 in ceiling, Klipsch R112SW subwoofer in living room; Bedroom: Heresy x2, Onkyo TX-RZ620, Aurum Cantus supertweeters, Rhythmik sub.

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  1. interesting...my AL5s in Walnut were 10K at Music Direct.....
  2. Neither!! ....center channels that place the woofers horizontally eliminate the favorable dispersion characteristics of MTM/D'Appolito arrays.....I use a co-axial Zu Audio cube and its brilliant as both a musical speaker and movie/center channel
  3. as an MD I say "you cant fix stupid, but you can sedate it"....
  4. I would look at Amazon for deals on Onkyo- good amps w clean power and excellent DACS for the $$...you can frequently find previous generation models for a good discount. I've had several Onkyos all trouble free....
  5. San Antonio...I live in an 18th story high-rise....its based on valuation, not sq feet.
  6. dont get me started on TX...they crow about no income tax but dont kid yourself, the property tax is the same effing thing...41K this year for me.....
  7. had ceiling speakers in several applications and never boxed them in....most are enclosed in back anyway...dont think you have to move insulation either-I've seen it in contact with can light fixtures w no problem...
  8. Love my LaScalas...you'll be pleased.....
  9. great choice...nothing beats a horn loaded speaker...lovely room as well
  10. Havent heard the Anthem, but I recently bought the Yamaha. Excellent so far, and as I recall the DACs in the Yamaha are better. Set up is simple as well. YPAO, Yamaha's version of Dirac type processing, seems to work well, though I manually adjusted some of the settings, especially for the front LaScalas.
  11. the ebony is always dramatic and beautiful....
  12. exactly...that's why it works well...and it matches the La Scalas...
  13. IMHO this whole matching thing is overblown. I have La Scala fronts, Zu Audio cube center, and Sonance VP80 in ceiling surround x4 (7.1)-in ceiling necessitated by room config. It sounds lovely and rocks for movies- good stuff should generally sound good together, and large surrounds arent really needed unless you are looking for ear damaging sound pressure levels. In our last home had an all Deftech system which was great, but compared to what I have now (more musically oriented) I cant see what difference brand and voice matching made....maybe I'm not "audiophile" enough to tell, but I know good when I hear it.....
  14. nothing exceeds like excess.....I have La Scalas in the condo, so.....
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