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  1. Those are beautiful. Never heard a Belle in person, would love to some day.
  2. @moray james Good to know, thanks for the heads up. Indeed, the craftsman ship of those stands looks truly on point. Shame they can't make them taller but things are moving into place as far as finalizing how I will finish off my heritage HT system, so I may end up being able to utilize the shorter stand size. Thanks again for your amazing suggestion. six
  3. Very interesting appreciate all the responses and ideas @moray james That's exactly what I'm looking for. But higher. I took a look at Skyland and those are perfect. I'll reach out and see if he would be able to make me a 36" high one as I have my Heresy now above ear level in the back and I like the effect that provides. I use Aragosy 360is with my Focal Studio Monitors in my office, and just discovered they have a different 36" model with a base suitable for a Heresy. But I like the quality of those Skyland stands and how they are filled and dampened. Really nice stuff. Thank you so much guys... this is why this community is the best!
  4. Just wondering if any of you guys are aware of surround speaker stands that are suitable to hold a Heresy III or any Heresy for that matter? I currently use a make shift multipurpose rack cart on wheels for my rear one, but looking for a more permanent solution long term solution when I have more Heresy's back there. Currently the height to the base is 40" from the ground and looking for something that would be about the same, 36-40". All of the surround speaker stands that I see basically all look suited to much smaller bookshelf speakers. So if anyone is aware of stands that can hold a Heresy sturdily and around 36-40" high, please let me know! Thanks! six
  5. Wow, that is literally the exact one. The KHorn might be the P9000 and the Heresy the P2000, as the KHorn has a slight faded browse/silver. My Heresys look just like the P2000 one, all silver. Either would be great. I'll reach out tomorrow and ask on those, and yup, only need enough for the face of the 64. Thanks so much. Will update when I hear back.
  6. Thanks Randy! Was hoping you'd respond. I'll reach out to them and see what they say, I recall someone posting a link to an exact part number to a site that had a picture and it was literally the exact 70th anniversary metal mesh grille cloth. Might have been Wendell, as from memory the site looks similar but could be wrong. As for the badge, wow those looks fantastic! Who knew! I will definitely reach out to him as well. Very much appreciated. I am indeed, Heresy III 70th. The RC64 III is a larger speaker than the Heresy III is, granted it's really a 2 way but uses a legit compression driver in that speaker unlike the lower RP models, it's far more similar to heritage compression drivers in design. At the moment the Heresy III keeps up perfectly fine now with my KHorns now and sounds excellent, but I'd imagine output capability wise the RC64 III certainly must be able to move a bit more air then a Heresy can? Both have similar frequency response/range capability as well. Room, source, amplification and other factors are also pretty key to sound as well. Have you specifically demoed an RC64 III against a Heresy III or just going off memory from different models in different listening environments? Or have you had an RC64 III yourself? Just curious. If the 64 III is a 5% reduction in performance I'd be okay with that as I think that would be largely be offset by center placement being closer to my screen (upgrade); I'd put my TV on top of it with rubber feet to protect the veneer. I just think gaining an additional surround in the process for movie watching is a clear cut improvement even if at best the 64III is a side-step in performance for my center. It would also be slightly recessed and horizontally even with my KHorns making off axis viewing better. My Heresy is about 1.5-2" forward of my KHorns and on the floor, but the tilt and time alignment in the pre-pro offsets that in the main listening position completely. If they are a clear downgrade in my system after at least 150-200 hours on them I will just sell it, not gonna keep something I don't like. Don't see the harm in trying.
  7. Hi Guys, I have the opportunity to purchase a custom RC64-III from Klipsch made to order in matching Australian Walnut veneer for my KHorn and Heresy 70th speakers as an aesthetic match is extremely important for me equally as it is sonically for tone/timbre. The RC64 would be a nice step up from the Heresy as a center, and it has a compression driver a lot more like something out of the Heritage line so I anticipate it to work really well as the Heresy does between my KHorns for movie dialog and 3-ch music listening with the PWK mini box. Sadly, due to furniture/media cabinet setup a Heresy or RC64 is the biggest I can do for my center channel; otherwise I'd have gotten the La Scala II 70th or Cornwall 70ths when I had the chance to do so. I am going to pursue this "Plan B" option as adding an RC64 and moving my existing Heresy center to the back, and moving my center rear to the opposing corner would give me 5.2 and would at least still be an upgrade from wide dispersion mono surround to traditional stereo surrounds. Anyhow sadly Klipsch says via the excellent Heritage dealer I am dealing with and was recommended to that they are unable to get custom grilles for my custom order nor any custom badge, just the Aussie Walnut veneer. I was hoping to also have the 70th anniversary grilles on it, in addition to a custom script "RC64" badge or a "Klipsch" script one so they'd look like they are part of the set in my system. They said it would be the plain black grille as-is from China. I also asked (via my dealer) if they would be able to paint the orange woofers black as they'd see thru the grille and I don't care for those orange woofers at all and would be a bit of an eye sore when I do see them during certain lighting conditions. It would likely bug me a bit, at least during the day. I'm 90% of the way there being able to order this in a matching veneer. But was wondering if anyone here knows what is the exact 70th anniversary grille part number and from which supplier and/or if anyone knows if someone could make a custom emblem for me for this? I would happily pay a member here whatever the cost is or be recommended to someone that would do this kind of aftermarket custom work. Seems many here are extremely handy with carpentry and this type of thing. It would effectively be a 70th Anniversary Grille for an RC64 III speaker, and a fitting script "RC64" or "Klipsch" emblem would be great on the bottom just like the other 4 of my speakers. I didn't ask yet why they told my dealer black grilles would be a bad idea on an RC64 but seeing how many of you guys do all kinds of painting/restoration work, would be curious to know your thoughts. If the orange won't peak thru with a 70th grille I'd be okay with it I suppose, or if painting them would be possible, and if so do you know who would be up to a job like that? Any suggestions/recommendations would be great. I'm going to order them as the main part is the finish, so best to get them while I can and worry about finding an aftermarket solution to this to finish off the exact aesthetic match I want, and not a semi-match. Really appreciate the help in advance!!! Best, six
  8. I agree with this whole heatedly. The La Scala is amazing speaker and echo the sentiments above, for that more extended low frequency response the addition of a sub and you are set. Ideally a sealed one since the horn loaded bass is snappy and quick.
  9. Those are beautiful. Never heard of the Icon series. Wish Klipsch would at least consider offering black/grey woofer cones as an option; they look much more elegant and a bit less "bling" lol. GLWS!!
  10. Ironically the one in my left speaker upper cabinet was dead on arrival lol. Totally dead. Something must have happened when they were shipped or during moving while they were in the boxes going to my new house where I set them up for the first time 3 years back. Dealer reached out to Hope and Klipsch dropped shipped me a new K77D within 3 days, perfect sonic match to the other one so no complaints. Both have a nice metal sticker on the back with the PWK logo and "K77-D" underneath it instead of the plain ones or the ones with the ink stamped markings. Likely just aesthetic but wonder if that's how they sorted out the "best ones" as you said.
  11. Even the most recent K77s modeled exactly on the EV T35 actually exceeds the spec of the original EV T35s. I read that the EV T35s got continually worse over time starting in the early 1970s their top end started to roll off as the quality of the fabrication tooling degraded over time. The Philippines made new production K77/EVT35s are actually even better than the original ones. They have more top end response and more even dispersion. Considering how loved the T35 is (nostalgia likely a huge factor) I'd never even consider replacing the K77Ds with the Crites tweeters. Klipsch and a few people intimately involved with the original EV35 worked very closely with Dai-chi in the Philippines to get the newer production K77s to sound the way they do. My 70ths have the 77D but I'm curious how the new 771s in the KHorn AK6 sounds. If I ever upgrade it will likely be to the K771, I trust the engineers at Klipsch more than I do aftermarket.
  12. Lmao! Seriously, hard to take him or any reviewer seriously when they just gush and praise everything to no end. Not to mention those riddled with cliche/clickbait thumbnails like that. But it's the only way reviewers like that keep getting free sh*t sent to them. Part and parcel of that industry. I usually take reviewers with a grain of a salt, just a handful I trust. Especially one that has reviewed speakers I am familiar with, and if they describe them very closely to my own experience then I tend to give those people a bit more credence. If they describe them completely opposite then I'll never listen or read what they have to say again.
  13. Great choice! Looks absolutely stunning and I bet it sounds amazing. Happy listening He's running 70ths with the closed cabinet. Those are a different animal compared to the open back models, the 70ths are more like AK6's than they are the AK5s, basically an AK5.5. The bass is deep and lightning fast. 100% on time with upper cabinet horns. Hands down I'd take those over the LS' due to that extra bit of efficiency, a few dB once you get over 99-100 can make quite a difference. Granted I would be inclined to agree with you taking the La Scala IIs over the older open back KHorns models though. Both amazing speakers either way. Just that the older KHorns need a perfect or near perfect corner. Anything other than that and the bass falls off a cliff and you can run into some of timing and and speed issues you alluded to.
  14. So sorry for your loss. This is truly very sad and my deepest condolences to your family and friends. Always enjoyed reading sancho's posts long before I ever joined this forum and was just a reader. God bless.
  15. I know! Things just fell into place and purchased both new at the same time while also moving into my new house at the time. Always wanted to get Horns high efficiency speakers for a while too having owned mainly dynamic basic cone/woofer box designs like B&Ws for a long time. The KHorn 70s are beautiful, basically an "AK5.5" with the closed back like the new 6s. Yeah sadly no, just wouldn't work in my room/space as I use the KHorns as my main L/R speakers and as the primary speakers for music listening. One Heresy is my center channel and the other is a center back surround run literally as old school Dolby LCRS for movie stuff, it sounds amazing. Really doesn't sound like only one speaker is in the surround with the midrange horn dispersion but I am missing a bit of the side to side element in the back with just single speaker monophonic surround, but it's still really great. Worked out since I couldn't make a Cornwall/La Scala work for the front center due to cabinet/furniture type considerations but Hersey blends in seamlessly with the matching KHorns. The front LCR front soundstage and power is amazing. Been running it like this for a few years now and have been very happy. It's really only very recently that I have decided to want to add the side/corner surrounds for "6.1". And should I ever wanna add Atmos, I'll probably just have 4 CDT 5800 IIs installed in the ceiling. The latter is more long term down the road, for now I'm very happy but the extra surrounds would just take movie watching up a notch. For music right now it's perfect though. I really enjoy listening music in 3 channel stereo. Actually even have some of those discrete 3-Channel Jazz SACDs, those are just mesmerizing, sounds like the band is in the room with you and you can pick them all out from L to R. Great stuff. Thanks for your interest!!
  16. Those look beautiful. Not too different from the Australian Walnut I know and love on the 70th speakers. Congrats on those and enjoy them with good health!!
  17. Tell me something I don't know lol. I bought the 4 in my system 3 years ago (KHorn 70s and Heresy 70s). And I love the finish, look but most of all the sound of them. I don't wanna sell them and start over with KHorn AK6s and IVs; I'd lose too much money in the process. I have seen them come up on Audiomarts multiple times. Most are here in the US so it's not unreasonable to the last pair I need for surrounds. Those Forte's look nice but too big for where I need 2 more of these in my system, totally different crossover, slightly different drivers and aesthetically not a good match. Otherwise I'd have just gotten a Hersey IV by now but the drivers/crossover are too different it would not be a good sonic match, nor a perfect aesthetic match either. So I wanna do this right
  18. Wow thanks for the heads up guys. I too received a PM from "Austin36" the other day asking if I was still looking for a pair of Hersey 70s using the same language.... I have a friend that can help you with that, same email as above. Naturally since I am still tryin to get a pair I followed up to no response. And when I logged in here morning and saw the notification to the PM was no longer in my inbox so I knew something was up and sure enough it was. Chances are if it's too good to be true it usually is! Especially us Klipsch Heritage lovers always looking for deals/trying to hunt down to rarer or vintage parts or speakers... there will always be scum bags like "Austin36" looking to take advantage. This is a great community and the vigilance and helping one another out is truly appreciated.
  19. Wow this is simply INCREDIBLE! 🤤 Occasionally you'd see those special order commercial Jubilee's for home use with the wood finish but finally having them at the top of the line to compliment the KHorn, and La Scala is just icing on the cake, wow! The new Jubilee looks absolutely stunning, and I love how they incorporated the new post 70th look on them like they have with all the latest models with the Grille, logo and wood finish to really give it that premium feel. The outboard XOver box is a nice touch as well. Never had the privilege of hearing a Jubilee in person, but everyone here raves about them so I can only imagine they are god like lol. Although I must admit I am curious on how the massive 2 way horn sound differs from the 3 way design in KHorns and La Scalas! They'd a touch too big for my room but I could see how they would be perfection in a bigger room for 2ch or as L/Rs for HT. I bet 3 across the front would be insane behind a large projector screen for a dedicated theater! Roy and his team have done such an amazing job continuing Paul's vision but tastefully expanding and modernizing it in all the right ways! Speaking of which a few things I'd love to see is Klipsch consider making purpose built more "conventional" dedicated matching HT oriented Center and Surround for Heritage in perhaps 2 different sizes to compliment being paired with different type/size models, big and small. RF/RC line is truly fantastic but heritage based multi-channel system provides that big theater 2/3 way horn performance we know and love. Klipsch tends to market them as just 2-channel line but many of us know how amazing they are in 3-channel and up.... even Paul loved his 3-channel stereo. Another suggestion would be allowing customers to more easily purchase single new Hersey's, La Scala's, Cornwall's etc. particularly for those wanting to get a single one between a pair of other heritage models used for L/R for a 3-channel music system or for a dedicated theater array. Would still be great having a smaller or alternate horizontally set center design (something RC64 esque) or one of those bipole surrounds in the RP line, made bigger, both matching heritage driver/sound wise and aesthetically. Alternatively they could be similar or of same caliber/driver quality and size as RF-7 IIIs and RC64III for people that use those across the screen. Such a model could also work well with heritage too with an alternate RF matching appearance and a heritage matching appearance versions. For RF/RC, a "RF-700M", "RF602S" and "RF600SA" type bookshelf/bipole/atmos would be amazing for surrounds or the former for 2-channel RF caliber bookshelfs. Although ideally separate equivalents for Heritage would be best. Things like that would make it easier for people wanting to go for and configure an all heritage or all mainstream flagship RF/RC based HT system from the start and desiring to have equal-truly matching caliber speakers for surrounds or centers as opposed to having to go down to the R/RP line, used/older or vintage heritage or seek other brand solutions. JBL has done that with their new horn design HDI line and even Focal as far up as the Sopra's make a big dedicated center and matching surrounds for a more mainstream theater esque style config. Of course you could still run a 3rd equal or slightly smaller sized floorstander model vertically for the Center and surrounds like many of us do with Heritage now, but with having to get everything in pairs in makes purchasing and acquisition difficult. Keep up the great work team Klipsch, thanks for all you guys do!!
  20. In the market for and trying to hunt down 1 more pair of these to complete my all 70th Anniversary heritage music/theater system. I am located in Northern NJ and am flexible regarding paying shipping including from overseas. Only interested in a very good to excellent condition pair, no major aesthetic issues like gouges/dents etc. If you are looking to unload your pair, perhaps to upgrade to the Heresy IV or another model, let me know as I'd love to take them off your hands!! Thanks for looking guys! All the best, six
  21. For the R26's I think you'd be VERY happy with the REL T7i or even a T5i. If you can swing it of course. I used to use SVS subs back when I had a full blown B&W HT setup 5-6 years ago. Had a PC-12 NSD. But now that I've tried REL in the last year + I wouldn't want anything else. IMHO they are built better, more solid, higher quality and have the best Wireless (Arrow System) and High Level input method in Subwoofers. That high level input being fed by your amps binding posts will sound much better than the low level on the SB2000. There will be more detail, more bass nuance and just a tighter and cleaner bass tonality over the SVS... afterall its getting the same full bandwidth signal as your mains are. The T series does HT really well too, probably better than low grade ported subs. But the REL T series are more music oriented subs. My main system is a hybrid HiFi Stereo/4CH HT w/ Stereo REL T9is. The T9i's are just incredible. And they only need half volume. I can highly recommend the T7i on a personal level as I own one in my secondary system in my basement. Of course price isn't cheap, and it will be more expensive for you being in Europe. You'd probably be very happy with the T5i also.
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