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  1. Welcome to the Forum! First of – i don´t own any of Your speakers, so i can´t speak from experience. But, in most of the cases, comparing a bookshelve against a floorstander will have you lacking bass ( Your meaning when you write about depth?). From Your post i gather that you have a sub. Now it depends on the size of your listening space, for me, one sub is enough, although i use mine only for HT. If Your room is of a larger type, maybe You will need two subs or maybe the one you have does not have the power, but i think in most of the cases one should sufficient. The 5.2 has a very powerfull bass and probably Your are right if you say you´re "spoiled". It also will certainly be a case of "color-difference" in sound between the Reference Line and the KGs, hence the difference You are hearing. Let´s see if fellow members have more opinions.
  2. Although i´m not following soccer very much, i hope our team will make it to the finals. Too bad that corona won´t let fans celebrate the way they used to...
  3. Welcome to the Forum! I´m sure You did, but i ask again, have You checked if the connection to the left speaker came loose? It´s not unheard of that wires become loose because of vibrations.
  4. Can speakers be ugly? These sure make me ponder the question....
  5. Your meaning, bridging the amps or bi-amping the speakers?
  6. Although i don´t own Klipschhorns it´s always nice to see a good restoration. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
  7. Japanese and Korean grammar have a lot in common. Once you know one it´s easier to learn the other.
  8. I always wanted to ask, do You speak japanese?
  9. "Keep on truckin´." – Crumb style?
  10. To see how my new Player works wird my old HD panel, The Martian, 4K Ultra. Good movie, everything working, so far.
  11. That can have some impact on matching speakers, and like You say, crossover frequency and frequency response, in this case sensitivity less so. That sounds like a good plan. Listen and decide what pleases You most and don´t concern yourself over the return of the center You don´t like. These speakers will be with you for some time and this way you won´t regret your purchase in the years to come.
  12. Here You go: https://web.archive.org/web/20130205065520/http://www.klipsch.com/cf-2 Taken from this thread: And welcome to this Forum!
  13. Welcome to the Forum! Looking at the specs, the RP-5000F go about ten Hz deeper than the R-610F, power handling is greater too. Also there is a aluminium vs. a titanium horn, the later, in the RF5000 goes to 25 KHz (instead of 20 KHz in the 610.). In my opinion, spend the $$$. Maybe other members can give more in-depth opinion as i don´t own either of these speakers. What is the rest of Your gear? Do You just listen to just stereo?
  14. Thanks Wuzzer, something new learned. I thought the opposite. Well, this makes placement easier for me, already some ideas in my head.
  15. After i get my new shelves done, i might finally be able to break my RS3 from storage. One of them will go into one of the shelves, but the other will have to be free standing. I know this is not ideal. My question is, should i put a movable board behind the speaker, do dipoles need a "wall" behind them for reflection of sound? Thanks!
  16. I have two of these on my Marantz: https://www.amazon.de/AC-Infinity-MULTIFAN-Receiver-Playstation/dp/B00MWH4FL4/ref=sr_1_6?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=K8XDUL0NLV7B&dchild=1&keywords=ac+infinity&qid=1623865716&sprefix=ac+infinity%2Caps%2C240&sr=8-6 This solution may not be very asthetic on Your Leben, but it helps to get some more ventilation.
  17. Other members report that gaskets from those plumbers-sets work very nicely. https://www.amazon.de/NATUCE-Unterlegscheiben-Dichtungsringe-Rohrleitungen-Wasserhähne/dp/B089YQF279/ref=sr_1_39?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=dichtung+set&qid=1623573252&sr=8-39
  18. First post in this section of the forum. I have a question for the history buffs here. I am interested in the writings of Alfred Thayer Mayhan, mainly his Influence of Seapower on History Trilogy. To get these books is easy enough; what i want to know and haven´t seen yet, are well annotaded editions of Mayhans works. Can anyone here maybe give me some pointers as to what books to look out for. Thanks!
  19. Got email from Michael Crites the other day, my grill fabric and mid-horn gaskets are on the way. Once stuff arrives i can get serious in restoring the cabinets. While waiting i will make new shelves for my CDs, collection of which outgrew my old IKEA ones. I will use the same technique as for my gear rack, just taller and a bit lighter. Finally bought a Blue Ray. It´s a Panasonic DP-UB824. Features are great, can watch Netflix on my big system now.. Still, i wish Marantz continued making BD-players, compared to the Panasonic, my DV7001 is a tank.
  20. I´m offering my old Pioneer LaserDisc player for sale. I know there will be next to none interested people. I´m reaching out to other german forum members that i don´t know yet and especially to @MicroMara and @KT88, do You know anybody who might be interested in this kind of vintage gear? If there is any interest in details like fotos, let me know please! Thanks, Andre
  21. No Billy, what would be Your estimation, please i would like to hear that too?
  22. If anybody else looks up this post, specs: http://images.klipsch.com/Brochure_960000-3_KM_635363545468718000.pdf
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