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  1. keep the Parasounds and demo the Jubilee
  2. mono amped, hard to go wrong with crown xls or qsc line active bi-amped, which is how my 904's are, will likely be over your proposed budget even used
  3. true but can give a semblance of size for a DH1A next to my car keys
  4. charok


    fair enough. edited.
  5. back in the old days used the huge Triplitt analogs. last 25 years various Flukes and they have been flawless.
  6. A pair of Ampzillas? worth more than the entire bid price TBH. i have an early Ampzilla, unplugged in a server rack at work keeping it safe for harm. needs a complete rebuild for the second time sadly hence it just sits.
  7. Does not hurt to play with the DSP, get used to how it works and how the settings affect the results. When I first went to a DBX Venu360 in hindsight I had a poor optimization but over time and learning the system I could not see not using it. Part of the fun is the learning process! This on a Kpt-904/K510/30"THT.
  8. Hello, I am wanting to try a different set of drivers in my k510 so looking for new'ish/gently used drivers. Will be pairing with my kpt-904 in a bi amped setting. Let me know what ya might be willing to part with! Thanks, Bruce
  9. as there was a PM sent by another, are these still available?
  10. I use a DBX Venu360 on the mains and the sub feed but it is set to the old sub until I get time to play with the RTA. Using the old sub plate amp to get an idea of how much power I actually need and TBH does not seem to need a lot. Going to be fun dialing it in but so far I love it. The wife however is not happy with the size of it.
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