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  1. around me, some stupid huge city 6 hours north of you, anything Heritage is priced like gold. my first set of CWII i drove 10 hours round trip for $1200 and do not really want to pay more for another pair but have not seen any for the last couple years even at that price. but i keep looking!
  2. ha with that dream list of gear.... i am just saying with the increased interest in the Heritage line the last couple years prices have skyrocketed. i have been on the hunt for a second room setup for a while now.
  3. 300 was a fantastic deal. i would buy them all day long at that price. 800 is more typical
  4. that would be my wife! hence custom hi angle risers discourages anything on top
  5. charok

    Cornwalls (DFW)

    if these were closer than a 8 hour drive i would jump on these. but i am not.
  6. have not answered me either and it has been days now
  7. yes i am thinking fly in/drive out. 31 hours home.
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