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  1. OO I'm a 'Heritage Member' is that good? What's the + thingie, I seem to have missed out in the love department?
  2. colterphoto1

    What's up?

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Thought I should stop by and say hi. Life as a 'roadie' continues since I've joined the local IATSE stagehand's union. So I'm now working the stadium/arena shows locally as well as some Broadway and the usual corporate A/V work. Still got most of the collection although I've sold a few pieces off in the past year or so since hanging around here. What'd I miss? yer buddy Michael.
  3. Very nice work there. I've never peeled any of the trim off, that had to take a lot of patience. Did you put a think layer of some type of caulk/adhesive under them when you reinstalled to keep them from buzzing?
  4. What is power handling and specs on this little beast? Would an Crown XTi2000 work well with the 1502?
  5. Yes at least the wood appears solid. So many of them have lived in basements, garages, or bars and smell like smoke, cat pee and beer. Delamination is the worst issue in a LS bin because wood working is so difficult on them.
  6. There was a forum member who made a die to recreate those corners, espeically the tricky angles ones for the top sections. The most highly prized of the LSI is the BG split models, which feature black fibreglass mat/resin as well as all aluminum edges/corners.
  7. 'S' is simply for the split cabinet configuration. It's an AL electronically. You might look up some of my threads on LSI restoration. I've done probalby 6 sets over the years.
  8. When using Duratex, I get the small 'trim' rollers 1" dia x 5" wide? at Lowes - the poly kind. The Duratex roller puts the texture on too heavy for me and uses a TON of material. Using this method I've recoated 8 EV 2x18" subs, 8 EV 2x12 tops two coats each with 1.5 gallons of Duratex.
  9. extra gasket on back side of basket for front mounting?
  10. See PM Dave, I have what you want. Indy. that was easy. M
  11. Wood is Retro Retro is Cool Be Cool buy LaScalas I mean, c'mon. How cool is it to have a basic plywood, 'industrial but pretty', totally retro folded horn loudspeakers in your living that totally make live music sound like live music (because it's a PA cabinet really)? Besides Colter has them in his living room so there you go. Trust me get in the truck now. Colter NAWS
  12. Those are indeed beauties, too beautiful to trust shippers. Please insist on pickup.
  13. yeah.. I was afraid of that. Wonder if I could get my oakies sold.... sigh
  14. I'm confused - where are these located?
  15. Hi Tim. I"ll get you some pics this week.
  16. Hey Doug, how ya doing? Good to see you on here. Hope you have enough wood cut for the winter.
  17. quick bump, still have 6 of these. Great for alarm systems too.
  18. Really GREAT stuff here on this thread. Thanks Andy!
  19. 85 db 'average' measured how, and over how long of time span? I'd probably be a good candidate for tube amps. I rarely utilize a watt I suppose. You can tell a sound man's car, it's the one with the stereo turned OFF on a Sunday morning after shows. We relish silence. As I sit here typing this on a quiet Thursday morning when you'd think I'd be enjoying my music on one of many stereos throughout the house - it's dead silent here. Yeah, I need to sell some stuff....
  20. Yeah, after shows I usually cool down with my LaScalas at a whopping 60 dbA at home. Any more I try to keep even pro PA systems around 90dbA at FOH (console) position, this is usually more than ample at the first 10 rows/dance floor. We all listen too loud. That's why the damned titanium tweeters sound good to so many of you guys - you're all going deaf.
  21. 1/4 watt is plenty when you have 103 dbw/mtr in the parking lot.
  22. Buy or don't buy. A lot of uncalled for mud-slinging on this post. These fine speakers sure don't look road-weary to me. If they had been in a smoky bar the pebble finish would show signs of being washed off but instead looks nearly shiny new. I seriously doubt if they have been even played hard or abused in any way based on their physical appearance in the photo shown here. I absolutely do not see how anyone could draw the negative conclusions posted on this thread.
  23. BarnaMike - those are HIGHLY PRIZED collectors items.
  24. Grand Funk Live, Gabriel, SRV box if still around please.
  25. dang it - who grabbed the Grand Funk Live?
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