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  1. that's very little delimitation. Easy Bondo fix. The rest of the cabinets/ trim etc look to be in reasonably good shape based on the photos I've seen here.
  2. Two things I think people don't take into account with the LSI-BG. The fiberglass mat/gel coat adds a lot of dampening to those large 2x2' sections of 3/4" plywood, and the aluminum edging helps to maintain the stiffness of the mouth of the horn. They're far tighter bass than any other LS I've owned.
  3. Minty $1400-$1600 value for split BG very nice shape fully operational. Deduct from there, but operational BG splits in good condition would still fetch $1000. Trust me I've been through a few pairs of them.
  4. KLF-C7 is my fave center and I've had the Academy and RC7. I use mine between a pair of LS and while not a perfect timbre match, it gives a very satisfying center sound for most sources I listen to, including a lot of rock concert DVD's.
  5. doing the Altec 'theatre gray' thing with them?
  6. Is that a K604 on there? I bet those possibly sound better than a KP201 in that case, perhaps a little lacking in very high end? What's your take on their sound compared to some of the others in that size? I have a pair of KP262 that might be similar K42 woofer K604 horn, but in a trap style cabinet. Possibly similar?
  7. When discussing my credentials, I frequently am heard to utter 'and I know which end of the soldering iron to hold'.
  8. yup, no probleemo, I fixes stuff all the time, building panels for amp racks, fixing all kinds of PA wiring etc.
  9. Any speaker with a rear port or passive radiator isn't going to do very well outdoors unless placed near a wall, or better yet, on a hard surface near the intersection of two walls (interior corner) so as to propagate the bass. LS or CW would be best bets.
  10. Neutrik is the brand name, Speakon is their type of connector (they make all types, including Powercon, which looks similar but is rated for A/C voltages). The most common are NL2 and NL4, 2 and 4 conductor respectively. They twist and lock and have a very secure electrical and mechanical connection which is why they have been the standard in PA speakers for some time now. I make a bunch of jumpers around the shop for dual banana (the old stock Klipsch Pro standard) to everything else like NL2 or 4. That way I can plug anything into anything else. if you have older Klipsch pro with the locking 1/4" plugs (with the red locking tab or without), you can retrofit the NL plugs into the same socket in the jack cup with a little soldering. Typically on the NL4, use the 1+/- for your full way connection and 1+/- for LF, 2+/- for HF if bi-amping the speakers. I don't know of ANY klipsch pro that ever came with Neutrik as stock connectors. But that's not to say that it didn't happen.
  11. Can the corporations stop playing God for a minute?
  12. KSB1.1 and RB 15 are both two way, both have same sized woofer, only 1 db efficiency difference and a few db bass down point. It'll be interesting to see which my buddy prefers. Me, I'm very keen on the little KSB. Have several pairs of them around here. Klipsch just got it right on those little boxes imho. Never heard the RB15 yet. Maybe I'll have him bring them by for a listen. I always love a listening evaluation.
  13. Lotta hours went into that compendium of data fellas, enjoy it and keep it alive on the Forums please!
  14. ^ holy cow man, that's one heck of a collection of Reference there. Say, if you could compare for me, how do you think the KSB1.1 stacks up to the RB15? Buddy has a 5-way system of each and wondering which to keep. Thanks!
  15. My networks are still original. I'd be interested in what components you used, and what tweaks you made to the stock setup.
  16. Love the history! I have a fully restored set of 4-ways with networks as well. Other than mine being twin MWM-S single woofer models, and fiberglass with aluminum trim, otherwise very similar. I believe I paid $1200 for the set with blown woofers, 1/2 K55's gone, tweeters needing complete refurbishing, one K41 blown.. so quite a bit spent in rebuilding these. There was considerable travel involved. I probably have a similar amount in another 4 way setup that had the Gauss driver in the MSM portion and needed similar rebuilding. That set sold for between $3 and $4 K delivered some distance to a Forum brother. Travel costs money, travel with a pair of these babies is quite costly. I'd not sell mine for less than $4,000. But that's just me. Because I love them so. Insofar as the stories.. I drove to Atlanta to pick up one set (I'm in Indianapolis) and the other I got with a KP600 system from FL, where a R&B band toured up and down the east coast with them for years. They'd use the Sub and LF portion of the KP600 with the top horns from the MSM system. Those were gathered up by truck, loaded on custom pallets made by myself and Marshall at his home in FL, trucked to the FedX shipping facility, and I received them in 2008 while working at Klipsch. Lotta interest when those babies rolled up I can tell you!
  17. Selling for a friend who got these direct from Klipsch. They are relocating and can't keep a system this large in apartment. Trust me, he's a good friend of mine so has several Klipsch setups. One owner, well cared for, has boxes. All in cherry - RF 35, RC35 (black) , RB35, and a RW12 subwoofer (black). Just judging interest if anyone local to Indianapolis might be interested in a complete setup, or do you think we'd be better off selling in pairs? Not a lot of these models on the Bay, so will have to do some digging or rely on you fellas for fair pricing. To me, this lineup of Reference might be somewhat preferred because they are the 2nd generation where the RB ports were moved to the front (allowing setup inside cabinets or close to walls without sounding boxy). Any thoughts? Michael NO shipping. I won't even consider it at this stage. Thanks
  18. That was a wasted 4 hours on the road. Beat up, painted glossy black rather badly, one non-OEM network necessitating larger hole carved in rear panel, corroded grille. I should have asked for more photos. At least I got the chance to visit my folks and grandparents graves in a small country cemetery on the way down, even stopped by one of the family farms and paid a visit to Grandpa's barn. That was cool.
  19. Klipschorn (although listen to them very infrequently) forteII (home office, hear them every day) LS with DeanG custom networks (main LR HT setup) MCM1900 (workshop mains) ok thats 4 so sue me Honorable mention (just cause they're really great but I haven't played them hardly at all Jubilee/402/K69a Klipschorn 60th anniversary models yeah still NIB in storage
  20. probably going to try further for a repair of this unit. Manufacturing and design hasn't been able to overcome government interference from the reading of these posts and some on the internet. Remembering the light bulb and health insurance... more meddling isn't a good thing but hopefully we can design our way out of another quagmire. We now have LED lights at least.
  21. You know, that appliance you buy every couple of decades, technology and government mandates change everything. I'm a simple guy, if I could buy one just like my old Whirlpool I'd do it again. But these days you get electronic controls ( or dials that merely control a computer, just as bad if things go wrong), no porcelain cabinet etc. I'm hearing that some of the newer ones don't rinse the soap out as well or that the low profile agitators don't do as good of job at cleaning. Yeah, I know I research stuff too much. But my history is that I'll shop something to death, and buy one that fails anyway. Any tips? Looking at a fairly inexpensive Whirlpool Cabrio for about 5 c-notes. Thanks guys, I trust your opinions.
  22. Thanks, I am curious, if I am running Crites crossovers with motor-run caps will I notice a difference in the two models (solder vs. spring)? Dunno, has he put in the "P-trap" ( a low pass network portion for the midrange K55 driver)? If not, then you would still have that spike. I think that's what some guys refer to as the 'sawzall going through a boiler tube' on the Cornwall speaker, although I've never found it particularly bothersome.
  23. I have a set of CW grilles that Budman made. The Wendell synthetic 'cane' material looks pretty good, but has an unnatural sheen, and doesn't bend around the edges of the 1/8" grill board material very well. Perhaps if a heat gun were used to soften it as it were wrapped???
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