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  1. Old enough to remember you could barely fit it in your pocket for that.
  2. Sorry but no help here, but I do hope everything turns out well for him, and family of course.
  3. I put 100% but it's really 95%, electronics could always be better. But no reason to even look, if a deal pops up at the right time maby ?
  4. OK Islanderr you have a point, it's not the old $10 thing anymore. So they say anyway, I wouldn't know about things like that.
  5. Yes they are and this one seems solid except for the leaks. It was built as a steam generating plant, I think for the military, there were steam generators in that building, you can see on the floor where they were in the building. Probably why they had such tall windows that could open to help let heat out ? On one end there is what we call the pit. It's a rectangle hole of thickly framed cement going down around 10' deep with a metal ladder in the side to climb down. It then goes off towards the airport, it was said to have went all the way to the airport and had different sections built in it to be used for other things and as ways to get around the airport. It was said to have been blocked off since it was not being used and kids was playing down there. Over the pit which now holds some water we built a platform over the hole so we could cover it and to have more space. We put a door on hinges to the right of handrail to climb down the ladder, it's solid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_Municipal_Airport "When the airport was completed it had the third longest runway in the United States. Opening day festivities were postponed because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The Army Air Force Proving Ground Command 616th Army Air Corps Detachment used the facility primarily to test ammunition during World War II."
  6. Yes, dead is a really bad side effect, it's proven to work to really help in many ways, like you said it's not as hard on the body, but works well for some things with less side effects if any. We cause enough problems for ourselves, we don't need to solve a problem to get another one possibly worse.
  7. Welcome Your right “happy wife, happy life.” , but in there somewhere has to be a little of what you both want ? OK enough of that, I'm just spoiled, your wife would steroke out if she seen what my wife picked out. Back to the problem the main problem your having is the speakers you picked out, no not the brand or model but what they do. Inwalls generally cover a certain frequency range (as all speakers) , it would be printed on the box or advertisement. This is from the specs..... frequency response 46-20,000 Hz (±3dB) They go down to 46 hz, which is better than most inwalls but could be why you feel it sounds a little thin. I think someone, not sure if Klipsch does, sells in wall subs to help with that. You mention the AXA35, try different settings and see if you can get a little fuller sound, just don't boost bass and play them loud. Boosting bass is ok for low listening but only give a little more bass but not deeper bass, try playing with settings first. Others will probably have more ideas, see what they say. just for note.....a sub does not have to go out in the open or in front, it can go behind a chair or sofa hidden...just saying. .
  8. Myself I think it should be legal for medical everywhere, 99.9% of prescriptions have some kind of side effect with some being terrible or addictive. If that would work for some people with less side effects I see no reason to not have it prescribed in one form or another. Yes 30 grams is more than ounce, that made me think someone who smokes picked that number..........I can see it now.......I buy an ounce and it's a couple grams over I will still be ok. That's a good number lets use that.
  9. When a roof sweats moisture builds up and drips in spots, not a flood but it can drip here and there. I have seen it on some roofs but not others, not really sure why, I need to look into it.
  10. You can buy beer or wine just nothing harder, I guess because everyone knows you can not get drunk on beer or wine. It's crazy, your not even supposed to have hard liquor, I doubt they could enforce it. I don't know if your not supposed to consume it or not? I would need to look up local laws. If your a smoker the law is..and medical was passed last year with over 73% of the vote...... Cannabis possession was decriminalized in 1978. Conviction for the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis can result in a $250 fee without an associated criminal penalty. They should be more worried about meth and crack heads, and general criminals, usually the same bunch.
  11. Not worried about the heat but the water drops could be a problem, probably have to do something. I will find out real quick when warmer weather comes back, no problem yet but the heat and humidity changes may cause the metal to sweat.
  12. Ok so number one, you have a stripper pole......not surprised....but impressed. Well when the women come back here she may have a problem with that, which would end up my problem especially if I am smiling to much. But the really big problem is we live in a dry county, everybody buys and has a drink but everybody is breaking the law, like it's the only law I am breaking.
  13. It had a little smell but not real strong, it was called western red cedar, so I think that a little different then the other cedar ? Or it was just really dried out ? I never realized what could happen with the oils in some of this wood. I once had a bunch of Mahogany to plane smooth, it was summer so I never had a shirt on. The next day my whole stomach and chest had hundreds of small red bumps, the wife took me to the hospital and they could not figure out what it was. That night I remember planning the wood and figured it was from being hit with tiny pieces of dust with that wood oil on it, it was just a guess and it went away the next day. Should have thought of that before I sat in the hospital for a couple hours, but it was the first time I heard a doctor say " I have no idea what it is".
  14. That's what I was thinking. The side to my left in that pic is the west wall, it's get's sun all evening and would be the worst. It's always low here, never over 100% I forgot about that, where the tools were was insulated with Reflectech. It's that plastic air bubble stuff with a reflective coating on one side which worked great for heat, it also catches the drips and I guess it evaporates later ? Probably why I forgot about the dripping metal. One other thing that can be done is to put a coating on top of the roof, I did that on a different roof and it also worked to lower the heat and any dripping. It was not cheap but very good, although I don't want to go through that on a new roof. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Henry-4-75-Gal-887G-Tropi-Cool-100-Silicone-Gray-Roof-Coating-HE887G018/302865617
  15. The building was up for a year, I got bored took down those boards and put them on a table and did that. I tried a dremel first and it was very slow. So I took the bottom plate off the router and put a bit in it kind of shaped like a V and just held it in my hand like a dremel, this was much faster. Safe, probably not but as long as I didn't drop it in my lap it was fine. Then on the edge of the pond on the bar side is red cedar boards, there is a different design on each one. I asked someone since I can't draw how can I get designs on the boards to carve, they had a very simple idea. Find designs you want and print them, use carbon paper and draw over the design and the carbon paper will mark the wood. It worked great and was easy. Sone a just drawn some are with the stencil, just odd designs.
  16. dtel


    This would be a joke in most places, but it is Louisiana. That should say it all When Audubon Zoo refused Nutria Rodeo's 10-ton heap of dead rodents, organizers got creative 1,500 swamp rats too many, too stinky; crabber comes to the rescue https://www.nola.com/news/environment/article_5bf24acc-7c54-11eb-ab39-6b8b8d3cb475.html
  17. Probably I didn't for a couple reasons, cost would have slowed everything down and putting the metal on with insulation between the metal and the frame is a pain and much harder. I am hoping with a 10' wide x 9' high door on each end plus fans it won't be to bad, the doors are north and south which is where the wind is out of during the summer. It's way more circulation and openings than I am use to where I have been working, not saying it was not hot but here everything is hot in the summer, just being in the shade is a big part. We will see soon enough. Thank you, it' the kind of thing that happens when you have time and get bored, I need to stay busy, don't do well without a project.
  18. Some is painful, but some I really like, it's not all polka. This guy is great live.
  19. RandyH, this is the place for a party waiting to happen. Jeeper: dtel, that will be a great place to hang out. Good looking XJ you have, Well it will be a good place for me to hang out but other people would rather about 100' away, just to the left behind the jeep the garden starts, in the garden is the bar. A much better place for others to hang out, and me. It's what I am best at hanging out, it's what old people do.
  20. Put a location in your avatar Yes a long way from the Mason Dixon line, he can almost throw a rock into Mexico.
  21. They look great, always loved the industrial look. You could always put a little tac and remove to weld ? Either way they look great.
  22. When the speakers were put in there there was only one empty table, the echo was bad. Just a few other things helped some so I am hoping once all the tools get in there they will help? The day I put them in I had it turned up, our daughter was by the house about 75' away and said I kind of like the echo sound. No loctite but it's tight, right up until something starts to rattle. Have to have music, when we were building the frame there was what is about equal to a clock radio on the table, this is a little better. Those speakers were under the side patio covered and used for the yard, now they have a home but they can still be rolled to point out a door or picked up with the tractor for outside. I just have a problem letting go of speakers.
  23. Thank you, If I had my way the bar and pole would be on the opposite wall. But can't imagine the pole would see any action.
  24. dtel


    The two you named is a little further offshore, but plenty others around. I just love fish, salt or freshwater.
  25. dtel


    Sounds like the same way you clean shark, red layer by the skin stays, the rest is white meat.
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