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  1. Ocassionally I post under my husbands name. Should I get my own profile and user name, or just say I am dtel's wife or what? He says you guys should be able to tell the difference between my posts and his posts, because of the grammar and spelling...LOL. Probably should just get my own user name??
  2. Tom, We have seen his boats race at the Lakefront in New Orleans several time. It is unbelievable to witness the power of these boats on the open water, all going full throttle. You are correct. Al Copeland is a performance boat junkie. He did have a huge showroom in Metairie, just outside of New Orleans, with many of his "toys" on display. At one time he was trying to build a house in the Mandeville, LA area, which was more appropriately called a "compound". As far as we know it did not got approved by the local zoning board. He also is a huge Christmas junkie. He was actually sued by several of his neighbors in Kenner, LA over his enormous Christmas display. Can you believe the neighbors called the display a nuisance and excessive light polution. It is the largest of any display that we have ever seen. If you all have never eaten Popeye's Fried Chicken you must try it, spicy is the best. The Copeland's restuarants serve excellent food also.
  3. Happened upon "Lightning in a Bottle" at our local Blockbuster when looking for a movie to rent. This DVD features greats such as B.B. King, Natalie Cole, John Fogerty, Buddy Guy, Steve Perry, The Neville Brothers, etc. It is listed as a documentary, however it contains extensive musical selections. The quality and sound was excellent. It was recorded at New York City's Radio City Music Hall in 2003, to pay tribute to the blues and it's influence on music today. It documents blues as far back as anyone would care to go. A must see if you really like blues.
  4. Would like to thank thumpelstiltskin for posting ebay listing for the forte's. Would never have looked on ebay, let alone made a purchase from ebay. Seller is less than 50 miles from us. What a deal a pair of Forte's for $325.00 and no shipping. Thanks again to all of you for your help and input.
  5. dtel

    forte 2

    yes, we bought them. Will be picking them up as soon as rain ends, possibly tomorrow evening. Thank you for letting us know you had done business with Mike before. Otherwise, we probably would not have bought off ebay.
  6. Yes we did get the Forte's for $325.00. Thank you for all of your help. Did mention to the seller that a member on the forum vouched for him. Mentioned fastlane and he told us your proper name, but can't remember what he said your name was. Anyways, we are going to pick them up as soon as the rain is over down here, maybe tomorrow evening. Thanks again for all your help.
  7. dtel

    forte 2

    Never mind just bought them anyway. Would still like an answer as to whether or not the forte's would match heresey for rears and center or would i need just forte's ?
  8. dtel

    forte 2

    I live in picayune ms, the only guestion is could i use heresy for surrounds, i want to have 6.1 to replace the synergy i have now. thanks just thinking about trying to find the other 4 of something down the road
  9. dtel

    forte 2

    Now way corvette i woulden,t do that i was thinking of the ones in louisiana .
  10. I wanted to get some hereseys but these forte 2,s on ebay are close to me and i know nothing about the forte. Would they be better,i want to replace some synergy so i will need to later get something to match for ht is a hersey a match for rears and center or will i have to stay whith all forte? thanks
  11. Cyclone that sounds like a smart plain. Me just take a break and bbq should rain for the next 3 days , we need it has not rained here in about 6 weeks ,very dry and dusty {country roads}can't even cut grass and not cause a dust cloud.
  12. Sorry ben. i diden,t see that, not trying to step on anyone just things happen fast around here thought i would give it a try.
  13. I might want the hereshys where are you at and how $
  14. dtel

    grateful dead

    Thanks i think the closing of winterland was one i seen their, have to go back and see . I have no dead at all need to change that ,thanks.
  15. dtel

    grateful dead

    Does anyone know of any good quality concert dvds from the grateful dead, i seen a couple at bb but wanted to know how they might sound being older recordings. thanks
  16. dtel


    I think i would like to try some heritage , maby start with the heresy .Now i have sb3 sc1 ss1 and even though i have never heard any heritage , my favorite speakers were some i built 30 years ago which had midrange horns and horn tweeters and i liked the sound. So i think i would like any of the heritage. Now to the big question , does any of you whith garages and houses full of klipsch speakers like to sell any of the extras, give me some advice and prices. Condition does not matter because i like to do woodworking ,i could even build new boxes . I thought start with heresys for now and later add more heresys or use the heresys for rears and go with something bigger for the mains over time. I heard 5 heresys sound good to. I thought i would ask here because i am scared of ebay {never ever used it } and i can trust people here i feel like i know the people here from reading all the post . I live in south mississippi and have never seen any klipsch heritage in pawn shops or newspapers or anywhere else . Please advise thanks
  17. pimp name : master fly elden dogg forum name : master playah d. rock porn name : diamondtrim forstall
  18. Thanks for the help it was what i was thinking , just wanted to hear it from a few others thanks. Now to find a pair they don't have to be in good shape . They can even need complete new boxes, i do a lot of woodworking ,that woulden't be a problem i just don't know about drivers and crosovers , see i can't even spell crosovers. thanks again
  19. This is a question from someone who has never heard any heritage. I now have yamaha rxv 740 sb3 sc1 ss1 diy sub shiva in 5cf box ava 250 amp, that said. I have been thinking of trying to find a pair of heresys, to try and if i like maby switching out all of the synergy. I like what i have for ht but would like something better for music and concert dvds. I don't want to get rid of what i have until i find something i like better, i would rather try heritage than ref. This was the first time i ever heard anything bad about the heresy and now not sure what to do, from what i have read the heresy was not to hard to find and didn't cost alot . Opinions from this forum are the best advice i can get so PLEASE give them THANKS.
  20. I know specs don't tell the whole picture but. Synergy SB3 52 hz to 20khz , Hershey 11 63hz to 20khz . The SB3 can't have more or deeper bass than the Hersey can it ?
  21. Not counting the chain stores ,i think down here the New Orleans area has the overall best food in the country . But you Know how opinions are.
  22. You must have rode the special bus to school. the best part of you ran down your mothers leg
  23. okay, hubby just showed me what he wrote. Didn't want to show it to me until some of you guys wrote back. Believe it or not, all of you got some of the answers to the problem. Love music, love dancing. Can do with or without porn. Will be 46 on Christmas Day 2005. Have lots of other hobbies besides the 65" TV that you can see from every room in the house. As far as the other woman coming over, I would probably join them, and not out of jealousy either. Now...you all did a good job of explaining why I don't sit and stare at the TV.
  24. I forgot to add she will watch concert dvd's if it is a band she likes. Eagles , Eric clapton , James taylor ,Standing in the shadows of motown ,she also HATES Pink floyd ?
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