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  1. Hi there. I am looking for a Tuner Module MB014MA or Mb114ma1 This particular model was found in number of Denon Marantz Nad and Rotel Products. So anyone with a unrepairable product which has this tuner module, please PM/DM me. Furthermore I require an original RC 1022 remote silver color. Would require item to be shipped in CONUS. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a super clean and near mint Denon DRA 825R Receiver for sale. Comes with remote as well. Every capacitor has been replaced as a matter of maintenance. Never anything wrong with the unit. Drives speaker with great ease. A very beautiful receiver that works flawlessly. Idle current set to 5mv each channel and DC offset is under 3.1 on right channel and 1.8 on left channel, so outstanding! Over $150 invested in parts for the recap. I will take $350 with $25 shipping anywhere in the conus. Denon DRA-825R Audio Video Receiver (1989-91) add a review Specifications Tuning range: FM, MW Power output: 90 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 50kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.015% Input sensitivity: 0.2mV (MC), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 75dB (MC), 92dB (MM), 103dB (line) Speaker load impedance: 6Ω to 16Ω Video Connections: composite Dimensions: 434 x 162 x 394mm Weight: 10.5kg
  3. Hi I am puzzled between the DENON AVR-X8500H VS AVR-X6700H. Which one should I choose. 1. Are both new models, is one new over the other ? 2. Does the 13 channel make a significant difference ? 3. Is 8500H discontinued, does that mean it’s not recommended to buy it ? appreciate all the response and help acoustic screen - 30feet by 16feet room LCR: KLIPSCH RP 8000 ceiling - Pro 180 RPC - 4pc side - RP 502S backside - RP 600M @billybob @inMotionGraphics @wvu80 @Ceptorman @Islander thank you so much Fermin
  4. Cherry KG 5.5s,  KV3, Denon 2310CI $500 (New Orleans CL) No affiliation.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my entire Surround Sound setup. Everything sounds great, and some of the cabinets have some mounting holes from the previous owner, but overall good condition. All grills stay on, but as with many of there older series of the RF7s a few of the pegs have broken off. Here is Everything: 2 Klipsch RF 7 floor standing speakers 1 RC35 Center Channel 2 RW 12" powered Subs 2 RS35 Speakers that can be used as the rear channel 1 Denon AVR-3312CI receiver 1 Monster HTS3600 Power cleaner/surge protector Everything works. I am near the Phoenix AZ area. If anyone is interested, just let me know. Asking $3000 or best offer for everything.
  6. For the denon 970 and and the w1600 they have different watt rating on best buy, crutchfield and and the denon web sit. Are they using different metrics?
  7. Hi, So i am currently waiting for my new 5.1 system to arrive ( 2x RP-280F, 2x RP-160M, RP-440C & R-115SW with Denon AVR X2600H), and i'm trying to gather some information regarding setup and settings in the meantime. If I already have a center channel, should i use it listening to music, or stick to 2.1? I know i should do what i think sounds best, but is there any advantages or disadvatages with using a center speaker with music? I have noticed the Denon receiver has some "quick select settings" buttons on the remote, but i haven't been able to find any specific details on it. Therefore i'm wondering if anyone has experience with Denon receivers and changing between settings. Say for example i'm watching a movie in 5.1 with my front speakers set to small, and i want to listen to some music in 2.1 with fronts (L/R) set to large, is there any way to save settings and switch easily between them?
  8. I have taken apart my home theater and have the following for sale if anyone is interested. You can message me for any questions or photos. (Xposted) Klipsch KS-525-THX Surround Speakers $950 (each pair = 2..speakers )-2 pairs- available Klipsch KL-650-THX(L) (0 available) $650- (each)----------------------------------------------------- (SOLD) Klipsch KA-1000-THX Amplifier and (2) KW 120 THX Subwoofers $3,000 for all ...3 ****1.amp/ 2.subs Move Poster Display w/ posters $250 Middle Atlantic LT-1RA Retractable Rackmount Light Shelf $150 (SOLD) ELAN VIA2SS1 system station controller $50 Sony BDP-S470 3D Blu-ray Disc DVD Player $60 LG Super Blu BH100 Blu-ray/HD-DVD Combo Player $125 Elan Via 2 Wireless 8.4'' Color LCD Touch Panel $250 Lutron Grafik Eye 3000 Series $275 Denon AVR-5805 9.1 Channel 1700 Watt Receiver $1,150 (0) -------------------------------------------------(SOLD) Yamaha DPX1300 $500 Niles APC-2 Current Sensing Outlet Switcher APC2 (NEW)!!! $225
  9. Hi guys, I have a question and hope someone can help me with my problem. First of all i have to say sorry if my english sounds a bit strange, cause I'm not a native speaker! My problem is the following: I upgraded my audio system with two Klipsch floorstanding speaker (RP280F) which I have connected to a Denon AVR (X2500H). I also bought a Klipsch The Three speaker. Both speakers are absolutly mindblowing, but I have some trouble playing the same music on both speakers simultaneously. Is there at least a way to do this? For example, could I use the Klipsch "The Gate" and plug it into my AVR at the "Zone2" channels to stream the music per WLAN to the Klipsch "The Three" speaker? I would be very grateful for any ideas or suggestions!
  10. Hi Guys This month I invested in Denon 4500H and RP 8000 F with R-115SW. I am ok with the sub but the speakers I am not very happy with. They do not sound to me very well powered or lack something in I can't fully explain being a novice, I am planning to return the 8000F and go for RF 7 III or Forte III. So my questions are as below 1. Will Denon 4500h with 125W/channel will be enough to drive RF 7 III/ Forte III in 2 channel mode? 2. How big is the quality difference between RP 8000 F and RF 7 III/Forte III as the price is almost 2.5 times Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Guys I am just 1 week old in to AVRs and Klipsch. I have paired my RP 8000F + R 115 SW with Denon X4500H. My setup is only for music in 2.1 channels mode. I am still exploring different settings and trying to get the best out of my setup. My Denon volume scale is from 0-98. Even if I crank my master volume to 60 its still comfortably audible and does not seem like noisy whihc is good thing. I am just trying to understand if everything is OK with amp and the speakers? My settings are as follows Mains are set to small Bass : LFE Crossover: 80hz LPF : 120Hz Auddessy : Reference Dyanmic EQ: Medium Reference Offset : 0db FL : 0db FR : 0db SW: 0db Distances: FL : 2 Feet, Right : 2 Feet. SW : 4 Feet Room size : 25 Feet x 14 Feet Source: Not HD/Online or from laptop through HDMI Wires seem to be plugged right I was expecting not to go beyond 40 on volume level. Though the sound is still clear at higher levels but may be my expectations are a bit high or just want to rule out any malfunction. Thanks.
  12. Hi. I've set up my Denon + Klipsch home theater setup (no surround speakers for now). I have: Denon AVR-X1500H Klipsch: pair RP-260F, RP-250C, R-120SW I listen 50 % music, 50 % netflix videos. I'm tuning my system to optimal settings and having few open matters to discuss. Most of the online references recommend to trust Audyssey and then leave subs to LFE and 80-100hz and fronts and center to SMALL. When I auto-tune with Audyssey I'm not satisfied with music (concerts), middle tones and strength of fronts (bass and voice is great). Everything is undertuned I think if I listen music (I set settings to Music mode Stereo in Denon), but movies are great to hear (set to Movie mode in denon (dts)). Then I manually tune and set sub to LFE + Mains, fronts to LARGE (leave center to small) my fronts start to respond more to middle tunes, rock concerts and other music is great to listen. What do you recommend would be my optimal settings? I don't want to switch between settings 🙂 I attached some settings and room details.
  13. Hello, with Denon/Marantz AVR's it is possible to change the speaker impedance setting to 8, 6 or 4 Ohm. Does someone know what this actually changes inside the amplifier ? Thanks for your time.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum, but love all the shared info - I'm learning a TON! In the next couple of months I'm gonna get serious about a real HT setup and currently in the planning stages. I wanted to run my potential setup and speaker placement by this community and see if there is anything I'm missing to setup a Dolby Atmost 7.1.4 configuration. I've attached 2 drawings of my room layout to help visualize what I'm working with. Any and all feedback is welcome to help improve and optimize my setup. My grid was every two boxes equals 1 ft approx. Thank you! Front: RF-7 III Center: RC-64 III Rear: R-51-M Rear-Surr: RP-502S both Rear speakers and Rear surrounds mounted on 30 inch speaker stands. Atmos front mounted above front left and right speakers: RP-500SA Atmos mounted above the couch area 10ft off the ground. RP-500SA Sub: considering hiding it in the rear corner of the room instead of in the front: (the front speakers I've heard punches good bass + lack of space) SPL-120 AV: Denon AVR-X4400H or X4500 depending on whats cheapest and available. Paired with a XPA-3 Gen3 AMP or Outlaw 5000 powering the front stage. ( I must admit I'm not 100% clear on the difference between that emotive 3 channel vs. the outlaw besides the obvious fact that the outlaw has 2 additional channels. The Emotive seems like it has a lot of power for those 3 channels comparatively.) Thanks again for any advice, Spencer
  15. Hi to everyone, I searched a section for introducing myself unsuccessfully, so I write here my introduction and my question I'm Gianni from Italy, and since one week, I'm new owner of a pair of RP600M. These are drived by a Denon PMA520ae, used before, for a pair of Paradigm Atom Monitor v.7. The source is a Netbook whit Daphile Player, Beredsford DAC and AudioDG USB-interface. At glance, the sound of new Klipsch is a bit less open in the treble respect the old Paradigm. This is normal or there need a break-in long-time? Thanks alot, Gianni
  16. https://www.ebth.com/categories/3217-stereo-and-audio-equipment-stereo-equipment Emotiva, McIntosh, Oppo, SVS, Velodyne and lots more. Being auctioned off this week.
  17. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avr4308ci Upgraded to a Marantz 8012 for Atmos and finally parting ways with my Denon 4308. This has been a workhorse and shows no signs of slowing down. Been in my rack since it was purchased, original owner. One of the last ones made in Japan until recently. Absolute beast of a receiver. Local pickup for now, looking for $500 or best offer. I have the radio transmitter, both remotes, and the audyssey calibration mic. I may have the original manual as well, but also available online. Alternatives Process MAP.xlsx
  18. New To The Community Hello Everyone: I wanted to know if the Denon x3400h has enough to power my setup? Aside from the x4400h & Onkyo tx-rz820 are my other choices for receivers. If you have any other recommendations on receivers please do. As for my current build I have Fronts - 160m Center - 250c Sub - r-10sw Rear Surround - 240s I know you lose out on some channels on the Denon's or so I read something like that. I'm currently running a Sony str-1070dn as my receiver. I know it isn't the greatest but I found it for 120 bucks a while back. Thanks for everyone's time & advice.
  19. Hi all. I originally had a sound system design as attached, but I found it very hard to satisfy. Looked into Sonos, Marantz, Yamaha, amplifiers etc. I'm not so knowledgable about all this, just want to get a decent sound setup for my home and yoga center, which Zone 1 also doubles as a sitting room outside of class time. During yoga Zone 2 or Zone 1 & 2 will play the music for the class from a iPod line in. Outside of class I will use Zone 1 for playing vinyl on another line in to the amplifier. My house will be a small log house in Japan, each zone is 15m2. I have abandoned the idea of a Zone 3 in place of a Klipsch Capitol One for bluetooth or line in from laptop, or phone. http://www.klipsch.com/products/the-capitol-one Unless someone has better idea there. My main question is what amplifier is best with 4 x Klipsch R14Ms http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-bookshelf-speakers? What about a Pioneer A-30, I've heard Pioneer are good with Klipsch? http://www.pioneer-audiovisual.eu/eu/def/products/30 Thanks a lot in advance. Paul
  20. Denon AVR-X3300w, replaces Yamaha 5.1. Looking to replace 5.1 speaker system but in stages. First point is pair of fronts. While is is part of a home theater set up my honest first priority is what it's going to sound like when I crank up 70's prog rock. The room is what would have been an attached two car garage, but was never that. Where the garage doors would be is a large glass slider that I open onto a good sized deck. In the past I had outdoor speakers there, but at this time I just open the sliders and turn it up. My thought is to use the the old fronts as the atmos front high. Looking for thoughts on what speakers would be a good match for the receiver fronts knowing that LOUD is possibly as important as precise. Frankly just connecting via bluetooth to the phone is likely what's going to happen most often. Appreciate any advice, tips, thoughts. For the record I was about to just order the r-28f.
  21. ***************SOLD 1/5/18*************** Very clean, rarely used Denon 2900 SACD/DVD player.Built like a tank at 18lbsPlays just about any kind of disc available in 2004(msrp$1000)Loading tray is tight and smooth like it's brand new. Great unit, only selling as I found my HK's receiver's matching unit.Included is the remote and power cable, if I can find the manual it will be included also.$150 seems to be a fair price shipped, especially in this condition, judging by past sales.https://www.cnet.com/products/denon-dvd-2900/review/
  22. https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/6319247163.html Klipsch Kg4 Speakers (Black) and Denon Components $275 (SOLD) Will meet or deliver in Eastern/Central CT or Western RI
  23. Hello all, im new here to the forum but I just received my speakers from crutchfield and got them set up and man they sound great! Ive had a fun time doing my project and though to share about what I have done and to see what you guys are doing in your HT's. What kind of equipment you run, how would you change your setup? Etc, etc. I have spent quite some time working to replace old components and make my HT the way I want it. My father always had component systems, i.e. Receiver, phono, tape, CD etc. so I grew up seeing these items and familiarizing myself with them. However, he wasn't an audiophile and bought mid grade components. Mostly Sony, I think the tape player was a fisher and the Phonos I recall were technics. Nothing over the top but usually sounded ok. Growing up listening to music a lot and becoming a musician I found appreciation for better quality sound. So when I bought my home a couple years ago, and after all the stuff I took care of to get it right for me like new carpet and paint, solar panels fixed and pool in tip top shape, it was time to get my theater how I wanted it for a price I could afford. Still working on it but as of now it's ok with me. For the past month or so I've been slowly working on my weekends off from work and usually with no ones help, to get my theater up and running and also aesthetically pleasing. It started with a new 75" Samsung screen to go atop my fireplace when I bought my home. I was using an old Sony receiver from 1999 that my father had purchased along with those JBL's and one day I popped in a blu-ray only to see a big picture. (Pun intended) there was no sound because the AVR I had was too old and couldn't decode the audio format. I went down to the local bestbuy and bought a STR-DN1050. I like it. I know it's not the best or most powerful but it seems to work for me. My home also came with outdoor patio speakers but they were exceedingly decrepit and sounded horrible. So I had the nice big flat panel, a decent AVR, I wound up getting some Yamaha outdoor speakers on sale at Best Buy and removing those old patio speakers and upon doing so, it kind of put me in a mode of getting things done. Upon changing the patio speakers, I realized how bad the wires were so I decided to put a bit more time into the job and run new wiring. That's basically the beginning. My whole home theater project started because I knew the wiring to my patio speakers was terrible and I had to do something about it. Once I ran new wiring to the patio speakers I sat down and looked at my tv and said to myself "I need to get rid of those wires" meaning the ones dangling from the tv to the avr stand and power plug. I began researching how to videos on YouTube and other places, talking to people who I know who are contractors or people who know the right ways to do things. I'm pretty knowledgeable I'd say but certain things (like finishing drywall) I just simply haven't done before and lack the experience. running the wires to the outdoor speakers was pretty simple because the previous owner had made a hole from in to outside and there was a piece of pvc tubing in the top portion of my fireplace wall for wiring to go thru and then down the wall to the AVR area. It was simple because I used the old wires to pull new ones thru. I didn't have to cut holes or use fishtape at all. However when it came to the point in which the speaker wire exited the wall they were lazy. They literally had a hole drilled and that was it. No outlet cover, no labeling, just a lazy junky looking hole with two wires coming out of it. For the time being I used that hole but that was the day I told myself I'm going to take on the project and make everything look legit and professional. Being a normal blue collar dude, I had to wait for my paychecks to come in for me to start getting all the supplies together. One thing that helped me out was living in Southern California and learning of a place called monoprice. Turns out they are right down the way from me about 30 minutes and I utilized the hell out of them. I recommend them to anyone who's trying to do what I just did for sure especially with the speaker wire and banana plugs. Best Buy rapes people on wire and plugs. I made a plan, and over the course of time and when I had the money to get the supplies I put together a vision. My goal was to run my home theater wiring, making it to where I had no visible wires anywhere, to save money by doing the work myself, most importantly do it properly and no Mickey moused and to learn as I went. The first hole. I began my first hole into my wall for a power receptacle for my flat screen. The cord was plugged into an extension cord and hanging down from the tv along with all the hdmi cables and etc. looked terrible. I hated it. I had purchased so 14/2 romex from the local Home Depot and a recessed outlet. I used a old work high voltage 1 gang fixture to put this new plug into and after I think 30 or 45 minutes I was all done installing the plug. I ran power from a nearby outlet on the same 15 amp breaker and said let there be power and there was and it was good. So that was one thing down. Another day I decided to get the hdmi and digital optical audio cables fished thru the walls from tv to AVR area. Did that, hardest part was having to take the giant flat panel off the wall and try not to drop it cause I had no one to help me. I highly recommend using help. I would have but everyone was busy. In order to place the hdmi and optical cables to the right locations I had to cut out an access point in my wall because there was a fireblock in the way. For those who don't know, fireblocks are horizontal studs between a set of vertical studs and they are inconsistently placed in a wall to help reduce the spread of fire. I had to drill a 1 inch hole thru them to fit my wires thru and of course seal them with a California code approved fireblock sealant when I was all done. As time went on I got more and more done and finally on the last weekend for the last part of the job which I was dreading most, my little friend Brian came by to give me a hand. See, I have cathedral ceilings in my house and I wasn't sure if I could get all the way over to the areas needed to penetrate the top plate to run the rear surround wiring which was on the farthest exterior wall from my attic access point. Turns out I can fit myself up there but Brian being a fraction of my size did it much easier. he helped me out a lot that day and we got all the wiring in the attic done, all the top plates got sealed. All that was left was to add a couple more plates for the two front speakers next to the fireplace and the subwoofer outlet on the far left side of room. We got those wrapped up and then I just waited. I had had ordered my Klipsch R28F speakers along with the R12SW from crutchfield. I saved over 100$ on taxes because they offer free shipping and no tax. So while I waited to for my new awesome speakers to come in, I cleaned up the living room, put my couch back into place. Vacuumed up a bit and waited for the day I'd see my speakers in my living room. Well that day was actually two days but I got my speakers as soon as they got off the plane. I drove to Ontario, Calif. to the UPS freight warehouse where I was able to pick them up immediately. Awesome. I got them a day in advance. My sub on the other hand, I didn't get it until Tuesday at 2036. It was 30 minutes past my bedtime. I couldn't even turn it on. So now it's been a couple of days since I've had them and man they sound amazing! I hooked everything up very simply and had power to them in like 2 seconds thanks to my idea of putting a speaker wire +/- outlet behind every speaker. I should mention that I added a home theater distribution panel as well and that made things super clean and easy. im still working on smoothing out my dry way and getting it ready for texture cause I have to retexture the spots I cut a hole into but I'll have to finish that this weekend. But for now, I'm happy as a pig in slop knowing that I did the work myself and saved a lot of money, I got some great speakers and I finally have a system that I got for myself that sounds really good. Sense of accomplishment with the whole thing. So how about you? Share your home theater stories or equipment specs or whatever. Samsung 75" LED Smart TV Samsung Blu-Ray player Sony STR DN-1050 jailbroken fire stick custom built media server running pled, w/16 TB storage for backup of media. (No more cd or dvds laying around taking up shelving space!) Klipsch R28F's for front L/R Klipsch R25C for center Klipsch R15M's for surrounds Klipsch R12SW for sub currently have my settings on my AVR and sub set to this. Front speakers Large Center small and EQ rounded up to nearest 10 from what manual says is lowest frequency response of speaker. Surrounds small and EQ is set in the same manner as center channel. Sub is plugged into LFE only. Gain is set to just before midpoint (like 4.5/11) EQ dial on sub is set all the way up. phase is at 0. I found that my settings allow for a smooth bass. Not too much and not too little. It picks up all the bass noise in movies and sounds great for music. I ran the auto calibration on my AVR also before I started listening. my fronts and center is 10 ft for fronts and 10 ft 2 inches away from seating position and AVR picked that up accurately. my sub is 13 ft from seating position and got picked up at around 15 ft and applies a -6db drop. my surrounds are 6.5 feet away from seating position and 1db increase was put on them. im going to try to add some photos of my work and a bit of what my setup looks like but I'll have to do it in another post just below this one. Please excuse my mess of tools, wires and energy drinks on my table in some of the photos.
  24. I have a Denon AVR-X3300W receiver. Here is a link to the specifications on the reciever if it is needed to answer the question. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-SO67d6QfvZx/p_033AVX3300/Denon-AVR-X3300W-IN-Command.html It is capable of 7.1 surround or 5.1.2 Atmos according to the manual. It has 7 Channels, 105 Watts RMS, and 4 Ohm Impedance. The speakers I have right now are as follows: 2xRP-260F (Front left and right) 1xRP-440C (Center) 2xRP-240S (Surround left and right) 1xR-115SW (Sub) I was wanting to hook this system up in a larger room in the basement. This is a larger room so I was hoping to add 2xRP-150M speakers in the rear and 2xCDT-5650-CII in ceiling speakers. I was hoping that the channels going to the two surround 7.1 speakers in the back could also push the in ceiling speakers however I don't want to under power any of the speakers or hurt the receiver. Does anyone know if this is possible to do or would i need to buy a new receiver to accomplish this task?
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