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  1. Hi all, Has anyone tried to pair the Bluesound Powernode N330 amplifier with the RF 7 III's? Have the results been disastrous? Or better than expected? I've clicked through a few threads in the forum, and my understanding is that the RF 7 III's shine with lots of watts... I think nearly everyone has concluded that. For context, I currently have a Bluesound Powernode (80 watts per channel at 8 ohms) paired to Polk R500's and for me, I love the sound. If anyone cares to speculate on the results of pairing the RF7 III's with the Powernode please do. As I intend on keeping the Powernode for a couple years (just bought it last month) and there is a no-return policy on the RF 7' III's. Blind purchase really.... Cheers any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I have 5.2.4 system running with Denon X3700H. System consists of RP504C. Front RF7. Surround RP6000F. Front and Middle height RP600M. Thinking replacing surround (RP6000F) to smaller and save some space. Also to avoid toddler mess with the wires. I know the sound will be significantly worse. New speakers will be mounted in circle picture attached. Thinking between RP600M or RP502S It is a small apartment. 12'x12'x8' Thinking may be switch middle height to surround and use 502s. And rp600m as rear surround.
  3. Hey guys there's someone local to me that has RF-7's with RC-7 center channel for sale & wants $1000, I was wondering if that would be a good deal ? Below I have provided pictures of the condition the are in.
  4. hello friends, my name is Salvo and I am writing from Italy, I am in possession of a pair of first series klipsch rf7 speakers, can I know which month and year they were built from the serial number? The numbers are as follows: S / N: RF7CH..06470079 S / N: RF7CH..06470080 THANK YOU 🙂 SALVO
  5. Selling my Set of RF7’s and RC7 Center Channel all in a Cherry finish. I am the original owner of these beautiful speakers and they are in excellent shape cosmetically as well as functionality. The speakers are sequential in serial numbers as can be seen in the pics. All grills will be sold with the speakers and are great condition. I really hate to let these go they have been an incredible speaker and have been a joy to own over the years. Delivery can be arranged and negotiated but your welcome to audition as well. Zipcode is 04240 in Maine
  6. *6/10: dropped take it all price Hi all, Listing these items for my brother. He's the original owner and curiosity lead him to replacing these with the DIY 1099s and two Martys for the sub. All are black cabinets and in good shape and made at the Hope HQ. They've served as a home theater setup in a non-smoking home. RC-7: The woofers do show some signs of battles with the kiddos growing up; however, no impact to sound and with the grill in place, you won't know the difference. $300 RF-7: Good shape, clean woofers and grills. Sequential serials as well $1,000 RSW-15: The grill has suffered from the common pin break, but he's currently repairing them using this method: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/183054-plastic-grill-pin-fix-for-rf-series-speakers/ . It has also been updated/upgraded with the SVS Isolation System $500 Take the whole lot for $1,400! These are located in Edwardsville, IL (62025), basically St. Louis area. Not looking to ship these as weight and risks are too much. Probably willing to drive 30-50 miles if that helps. No original boxes. Thanks for your interest!
  7. Hi all, Due to recent medical bills that have drained us financially i need to sell my Marantz 2238 receiver. I've bought it a while back and used it only occasionally to listen to my music collection. It's in great condition - clean, lights work, sounds good. Wood case has a few small imperfections (rear corner had chipped veneer and was repaired). I would really like to sell it locally if at all possible (San Diego, California) as shipping this guy is just asking for trouble. I may still ship, but you will need to cover packaging/shipping costs - fedex, insured for full value and understand the danger of shipping. Should be around $50 or so in my estimate. You are welcome to come to my place and check it out or listen while hooked up to RF-7s. By the way - looks great next to Cherry RF7s. Would like to get $350 for it.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my entire Surround Sound setup. Everything sounds great, and some of the cabinets have some mounting holes from the previous owner, but overall good condition. All grills stay on, but as with many of there older series of the RF7s a few of the pegs have broken off. Here is Everything: 2 Klipsch RF 7 floor standing speakers 1 RC35 Center Channel 2 RW 12" powered Subs 2 RS35 Speakers that can be used as the rear channel 1 Denon AVR-3312CI receiver 1 Monster HTS3600 Power cleaner/surge protector Everything works. I am near the Phoenix AZ area. If anyone is interested, just let me know. Asking $3000 or best offer for everything.
  9. Selling my trusty RF-7 (pair) and RC-7 in Cherry. These are the last of my home theater Klipsch setup. I've gone through many different speakers (from Heritage, RF62, RF83, to Ultra2 THX and then to these) and RF-7/RC-7 were the ones I've kept long term. They sound amazing and are in great shape for the age. There are a few minor scuffs here and there, but nothing big. All grills are in original condition, no broken pegs or holes, speaker cones are not dented. The best sounding speakers I've had, work great at any volume and are a pure joy to listen to. EXTRA - a spare 10" RF-7 woofer. I bought it and kept a spare just in case one ever got damaged. That never happened, so it's been sitting in the original shipping box all this time. I think I also have some of the original paperwork/brochures for these, but not 100% certain I can find them. EXTRA - speaker cables with banana plugs EXTRA - Monster cable SUB cables (thick, but soft) SOLD
  10. https://www.frys.com/product/6680254?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
  11. I’m looking for a good pair of RF7 II’s at a reasonable price, preferably in Arkansas. Please let me know if you have a pair you would like to sell. Thanks! Hogfan
  12. Hey all - Just had a newborn and considering going to in-walls to free up some space in the room and hopefully have some money left over from the sale. Would hate to see this stuff go, but we don't get to use the media room much, right now.Considering selling my Klipsch system. Purchased in 2014 and in great condition. Never over, or under, driven. Originally powered by a Denon x2200w then Denon x4300h and now an Outlaw 7125 amp.Available (a la carte):2 x RF-7 II - $750 each1 x RC‑64 II - $5502 x RS‑62 II - $250 each2 x RS-41 II - $100 eachAll together = $2600 ($150 off)Only have original boxes for the RS-41’s, so can’t ship the RF-7s or the center. Located outside of Wash. DC (Leesburg, VA - 20175).Attached are a few pictures of the speakers in our room. Also listed on AVSForum: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2931458-testing-waters-klipsch-reference-7-0-setup-rf-7-ii-rc-64-ii-rs-62-ii-rs-41ii.html#post55081452
  13. Hello, interested in buying RF-7 I's. Located in Las Vegas area. Cheers!
  14. Time for me to UPGRADE to the new RF7 iii's. I purchased these RF-7 ii 's, before the latest release of the Klipsch RF7 iii 's . ~Speakers are in New Condition ! Come and grab 'em today ! (HOUSTON) ~PRICE REDUCTION to $1475 , ...let's make the deal NOW !
  15. I noticed that my tweeter horns sound crackly when I listen to piano. Seems they might have been damaged with my high volume movie watching. I drive them with an Adcom GFA-5500. Not sure what to check or where to start on how to fix this. Any help is appreciated!
  16. From the album: 4X RF7 II setup - Old Farm/Barn Loft

    180 view of current setup as is for now.
  17. Hey guys, Just got a set of RF-7 towers with 8" woofers to replace my RF-15 speakers. Unfortunately, they appear to put out a lot less mid range. Even when the receiver is set to "large" for front speakers and "no" sub-woofer, I just get massive high end with no bass. I'm not bi-amping them and I have the two terminals cross-connected properly it seems. Is this just what is expected with these speakers? I just can't image huge, 100lbs ported tower speakers with two 8" woofers not having some serious bass. I mean, I should be hearing so much bass that a subwoofer may not even be needed. help! I have a Pioneer ELITE VSX-53 Receiver
  18. Hello, I'm needing suggestions on a replacement woofer k-1089 in the RF7. It has been discontinued and have tried Klipsch, Speaker exchange, and Ebay and can't find one. I tried to get Klipsch to recommend a replacement but they said nothing else would work. Honestly I'm not that picky and would probably be happy with anything close to what it's suppose to have. I am far from an audiophile and just happened to get a good deal on this and would like to be able to use it. Anyone have any recommendations at to a decent speaker to use? Unfortunately I don't what to look for or how to tell if a certain speaker would work good or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks PS Or if someone happened to have an extra one from a project or something I would definitely be interested in it. Thx
  19. I managed to get my hands on some RF7-II speakers but no longer have much of a budget for an amp to drive them. I wish I could stretch to a NAD or a pre/power amp but sadly I cannot. I'm finding this a serious learning curve so Ive come to where the experts are. Call me a neophyte I can just afford afford a Pioneer SCLX-701 which also gives me a chance to sell my Bose Soundtouch 130 that's on my TV, but do you think that this Pioneer will be up to the job of driving the speakers properly? I'll eventually throw a front middle speaker on and two at the back but I'm primarily concerned with just the RF7s at the moment Thanks all! Paul
  20. Downsizing forces me to clean out the audio closet. This is one of many unrealized projects. My home theater consists of 4 rf-7's and an rc-7. A long time ago I came across a new rf-7 that was damaged in home delivery and the business trashed the cabinet and saved the parts. I bought these and have never used them. I was told all parts were new, but I suspect one of the woofers was used to replace someones less than perfect driver because 1 of the pair I received has a small dimple in the dust cone. Otherwise everything else is in excellent shape. I do not want to separate this set right now. I'm looking for $350 shipped in the CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions and i'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.
  21. https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/ele/5758422201.html n/a
  22. Testing Waters: Klipsch Ref. Surround + Dual HSU subs - SF Bay Area Hello all, My wife and I are moving cross country and the cost to move and protect our system is unfortunately pretty insane. Looking to see if anyone is interested in the setup before we pay to move it. Klipsch RF-7ii x 2 - black Klipsch RC-64ii - black Klipsch RS-62ii x 2 - black HSU VTF-3 MK5 x 2 (< 7 months old - purchased in January) All speakers are in good to excellent condition. Original owner of everything. Non-smoking home. Never overdriven, etc. Would be looking for local pickup only; with our move and getting the house ready I don't have time to pack the speakers, too. Original packaging not included; never had a place to store big empty boxes. Looking for $3800 for everything. Located in Morgan Hill, CA, but could travel to San Jose/Mountain View/Sunnyvale if necessary.
  23. fellow K-Heads, i need some advice....i have not listened to the new speakers, RP-260F and RP-440C. has anyone who has listened to the original RF7/RC7 and the ones i'm considering have an opinion on the comparison? i'm asking this because someone has an interest in buying my set up. i understand mine are modified and not modified like any other on this forum, so a base line is hard to have. what i'm struggling with is, once my "babies" are gone, they are gone. i've spent so much time, energy, and money one them, their value to me is much higher than resale. as i type this, even if the potential owner would give me super high end, top dollar, what i would sell them for, i don't think i would. i never thought i would feel this way about speakers. so in a nut shell, are the "new" speakers any good? worth the switch? i know Klipsch is a business and they need to keep designing new stuff to sell, so i do get it. thanks for any advice.....
  24. I had a nice big theater at our previous house. I planned on building another but it doesn't look like it is going to happen so I was going to sell the equipment however I have no idea what it is worth! Any help would be greatly appreciated! So i have: Rf7 mains, cherry RC7 center , cherry RS7 black Rsw12 black Rs5 white R-5800w new still in boxes And svs pb-2 plus
  25. RF-7's and RSW-15....SOLD! The time has come for me to part ways with my RF-7 setup. Since I spend most of my time listening to music, and not watching movies, I'm going back to a more simple 2-channel setup. That said, I have for sale (all in cherry finish) a pair of RF-7's, an RC-7 and an RSW-15. They are in very good condition. All speaker grills have their pegs, except for the RSW-15, in which a couple have broken off (very common from my understanding). $1,900 takes it all! I prefer to sell this as a package. It does make for one hell of an HT setup. If I watched more movies, I would not even be thinking about selling these. I'm in Little Rock, AR. Pickup only....no shipping. The attached pics are without the grills, but I have all the grills and they are in great shape....no tears or snags. I did not pull these out and take pics from all angles, because they are still in use....for now. However, they are all in very good condition! Hogfan
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