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  1. Good afternoon community. We are in possession of a dear friend's (deceased) audio system, which includes a pair of Cornwall's as well as Klipsch surround sound speakers (2), Klipsch centre channel and Klipsch subwoofer. I would assume our friend bought it all at the same time. Serial Numbers on the very faded and discoloured labels on the back are: 21T967 and 20T967. Serial number on surround sound: SS1BLK-99421077 and 78, serial number on centre channel: RC52BK+11280066, serial number on subwoofer: 12KSW--99411846. We are not able to keep such a large system, but are keenly aware of it's collector value. Any assistance you could offer in terms of where to sell such a system and for what amount would be appreciated. Also, we are in Canada (Ontario specifically)
  2. Greetings friends! It's been a while since I frequented the forum. I do follow Cory's page on FB, though. Quick update on me - I was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident back in April and have been on medical leave for over 17 weeks. Long road and has left me partially disabled. I have found solace in music, though. Have bought and sold a couple pieces and expanded my record collection. SO - I recently acquired a pair of Quicksilver Mono Blocks. I'm pretty excited to get them wired up to my Cornwalls! This will be a new system in my office. I'm looking for preamp recommendations. I need inputs for a turntable (obviously), a CD player and something like a Tape Monitor so that I can not only listen to reels but record them. I've been reading about the Schitt units and have heard of the Juicy Blueberry but due to my handicap, research is not the easiest for me. My sons help me with a lot of activity and I mostly use my phone with one hand to access FB, the internet etc. I value my Klipsch friends opinion very much so any input you can offer would be great. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
  3. I am obviously new the the Klipsch Audio Community. Hate to sell my beloved CP-1s and will only let them go to a good home. They are such dynamic , efficient and hard hitting speakers! Unfortunately the wife is demanding I downsize. I am using a Bryston 14B-SST amp to power them(the amp does not need to break a sweat at all). They are in great, near mint shape! Please feel free to ask questions. They are basically oversized, overbuilt Cornwalls. Located in Lincoln, NE. Here is some info about them, I searched long and hard for these rather rare Klipsch. I am asking $3300 or I would consider a trade for smaller Klipsch, Integrated Amp, etc. I am not advertising them anywhere else at this time. KLIPSCH C.P.1 is a Pro-Cornwall Speaker. C.P.1 stands for "Cornwall Pro-Series 1" Construction Quality The Klipsch CP.1 is constructed of high quality 7-ply void free birch, coated with a textured black lacquer, For exceptional durability and appearance. Handles are placed near the balance points of the speaker allowing easy movement and carrying. A heavy-duty cloth grille with metal is provided for protection of the woofer cone. They are rated at 200 watts RMS per speaker, Instead of 100 watts of a regular Cornwall. They are rated at 108 dB/1 watt efficient at 1 meter SPL. To a maximum output 123. db SPL. Frequency range of 30Hz to 15Hz +/- 4dB Crossover frequency range 400Hz and 6kHz. Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms. 3-Way CROSSOVER NETWORK: Fuse Protected. Driver Information: K-75-K tweeter driver.. K-57-K midrange driver.. K-44-E woofer driver..
  4. Looking to buy a pair of Cornwalls (I II or III) near central Kentucky, ie: Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee... Prefer stock (or close to it) in excellent condition with a wood veneer (original finish preferred).
  5. SOLD I have had these for 6 years or so. In that time I have listened to these about 25 hours total. They sound as Cornwalls should. As is the case with most Decorators the original owners "decorated" them. With these it was a modestly talented stain job. Not too terrible but nothing that would warrant a magazine cover. They each have a couple of nicks / or minor scratch. Consecutive serial #'s: 11P086 & 11P087. If you think my price is evidence of my profound ignorance of the Klipsch Heritage micro-economy please confine your comments to a private message where we can curse each other a blue streak. In all seriousness, I would not be putting these up if I weren't taking delivery of a forum members Cornscala's later today. Can demo on tube and solid state high quality equipment. Local pick up Illinois / Wisconsin state line smack dab between Chicago and Milwaukee.
  6. https://www.etsy.com/listing/565542168/klipsch-by-neven-stereo-walnut-console?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=klipsch&ref=sr_gallery_6 Hi guys, this is for sale on Etsy, they seem to have a few crafty people that create these one off speaker consoles. No affiliation but I thought this was cool
  7. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/48225/free-klipsch-cornwalls If anyone is local to Chuck in Portland Maine he is offering up free 1973 vertical cornwalls. No affiliation but I have been chatting with Chuck for years on the Emotiva forum. Awesome deal for someone local! Tim
  8. Well, I will soon be taking inheritance of some Cornwalls ! What year I am not exact but the pristine condition and the age of the owner I am going to guess 1990's ? I think that puts them in the II range if I read right? My question here is I have read the Caps need replacing at 20+ yrs ? does this sound reasonable and if so what about the rest. Inductors, transformers? I can ohm out a transformer but other then visual I have no way to test a Capacitor....This a good problem to have as these will be a gift! Way to excited
  9. New member the forum, but I've been reading here for years. I recently had a pair of La Scalas that came with an extra pair of crossovers. I passed the La Scalas on, but I still have the extra crossovers. I want to build a pair of Cornwalls. The crossovers look just like Cornwall crossovers, but there must be some differences. If you were to put together a set of Cornwalls from mix-n-matched components, which horns, mids, & drivers would you use? Or would you just build cornscalas instead?
  10. http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/5961483950.html No Affiliation, I just thought they had an eccentric look.
  11. Since we moved a few years ago, my 1977 Cornwalls have been in storage. Made a sweet (for him) package deal with my son-in-law. Cornwalls and a Marantz 2325. Looking good! These replace a pair of Heresy HIPs (and an Onkyo home theater receiver) he has been using for years.
  12. 1985 Klipsch Cornwalls version I, right when version II was coming out in 1986 so they do have the 3 bass ports on the motor board, the midrange is the cornwall II K-601 plastic horn which is original with K-52-K drivers, and these also have the K-77 tweeters. The woofers are the Eminence K-33-E. The crossovers were just rebuilt 2 weeks ago with the Crites crossover kit. They are the Fir Black Lacquer color code is CFB. They are matching serial numbers as well. They sound perfect, and need nothing, the wife is giving me way too much grief having them in the family room so off they go to a new owner. I have a pair of la scalas in the basement so I can let these go without too much heartache. The grills are in great shape, the wood is in great shape, no major dings or nicks, just some scratches here and there but I polished these up the best I could to bring out the lacquer finish. They look awesome from every angle. They will stay hooked up in my family room til they are gone if you want to hear them. I live in the Cincinnati area. I will not ship so local sale only. I am asking $950.00 text Matt at 513-616-5622 or email at emalematt@gmail.com
  13. Cornwalls (2) perfect condition, manufactured 1975, birch construction including front, serial # 6N292-6N293. Omaha, NE, make offer.
  14. Ok, I my Cornwalls have square magnet K77s. My center (Heresy) has a around K77, I have 2 other Heresies with round magnets. My thought was to remove the round ones in the Heresies (with type e crossovers and replace them with the square ones from the Cornwalls which have type b crossover. Then install the round magnets in the Cornwalls. Reason I want to do this, is it drives me nutts(ocd) that I have 2 different tweeters in my L/C/R.
  15. I've been sharing a pair of first gen RF-7's between a HT setup and a 2 channel stereo to play my vinyl. I'm tired of changing the speaker wires on the back of the speakers to flip between movies and music. I have an all RF series 7.1 system and I'm not interested in breaking up the set. Would really like to try a set of Cornwalls for my 2 channel music and am wondering how you folks think they would compare with the RF-7's. The 2ch system I'm using is a McIntosh 2505 amp with a McIntosh C26 preamp. It's all solid state....50wpc. I've had Klipshorns in the past and nothing beats their detail in strings, vocals and horns but I prefer the direct firing woofers over the folded horn design for bass. To me, the RF-7's don't have the detail that the khorns have but they certainly have that forward firing thump on the chest. Wondering if the Cornwalls could be the best of both worlds??
  16. I'm new to the forum and thought I'd make an introduction. I'm the proud new owner of my BIL's old Cornwalls, II's from the 80's from what I can tell so far. I've been too busy enjoying them to pull the grills and check the drivers. I'm crossing my fingers that these will help me get off the merry-go-round of speakers. They have everything I've been looking for. I'm really surprised, actually, at how well they do in my quite small 11'x12' listening room. The room is pretty well treated so that makes a huge difference. The system as it stands right now: Modded AR-XB/Denon DL-103M>AD797 phono stage>Guanzo 6N3 pre>Decware Zen SE84B>Cornwall II's The pic is a little different setup, using a modded CA640p phono stage and an audiobah TPA3116 amp. Those have moved.
  17. I am just starting to attempt to put together a vintage system. I have a friend whose father in law passed and left him these 4 Cornwall speakers. I want to buy them, but I have several questions. What exact models are they, and what are they worth in the real world? I think there is a sequential serial number pair and then a mixed pair. Thanks for any help.
  18. I am looking for a little advice in picking speakers for my home theatre. Anyone ever compared the Cornwalls to the JBL 3677's in a Home Theatre setup , where occasional music will also be played. I am wondering if a setup of Cornwalls as LR and a single Heresy as the center channel would be advised. I know that it is best to use the same speaker as LCR, but was trying to trim the costs a bit. My other choice would be to use two Cornwall III's as the lr and get an older cornwall for the center. Any advice would be appreciated. Does anyone know how the JBL line handles music. Thanks
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