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  1. Hi! Two weeks ago I bought a pair of Klipsch RP-160M speakers. The sound was friggin' amazing, but since I have little room atm, I use them as my computer speakers with Yamaha RX-V450 (that means they are 0.8 - 0.9 m from my head with tweeters pointing towards me at ear level and speakers are right at the wall but angled so port is not blocked). Since I work entire day on this computer, it was logical choice to get good quality music at the same time. I dont listen to loud levels, its more like for background, only a few times for a short time did I raise the volume. I did, however, get a bit unsettling feeling in the ears (not yet tinnitus, just unsettling, unpleasant) I started having problem with tinnitus after buying BOSE QC35II headphones two years ago and using them for two days with NC. It never went back to zero but it was totally tolerable. Now Im experiencing worsening, yesterday in the evening it was very loud even with all the sounds surrounding me. Mind you I am barely ever on loud concerts (cant tolerate loud music) and dont work (never did) in noisy environments. I am afraid that I gave so much money only to have speakers I cant listen to 😕 I switched back to Yamaha NX-E130 and the sound quality difference is enormous, but I dont get that unpleasant feeling in the ears, although its too early to tell if tinnitus will widthdraw (as it needs some time to settle). Could it be the much better frequency response and horn tweeter that are causing this? I wanted to eventually add center speaker and maybe surrounds all from Klipsch to make home theater from them but now Im afraid to put more money in these type of speakers if they can cause problems for me. Could it be the listening distance? Please share your thoughts on this Regards, Dennis
  2. Hi there! I recently upgraded my Klipsch Chorus ii with a nice pair of Khorn! I'm the third owner, the original owner upgraded the crossovers and tweeters with B&C tweeters and A crossovers. I was under the impression Khorns should use ak-3 crossovers. Am I missing something? Should I upgrade to AK-3 crossovers? Not sure if I'm getting the best of my speakers with A crossovers. Any advice will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks in advance. Ed
  3. It pains me a bit to do this, but I'm putting my Klipschorns up for sale. I've enjoyed the heck out of them for the last three years, but I've now downsized to a more "location appropriate" pair of Cornwalls. The Khorns are Walnut (KB-WO). Cosmetically, they're in good shape. A few bits of edge banding are missing and a couple of minor scratches, but they look great for forty-six years old speakers. Serial numbers are consecutive. The cross-overs are modified "AA." They were done by @Deang while he owned them and sound great. You'll also note that I built false backs that are easily removable. The speakers are currently located in Carrabassett Valley Maine. If you'd like to hear them, that's the easiest location. I can also move them to the much more convenient Freeport Maine, but it'll be tough to audition them here. First $3750 takes them. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or for more photos.
  4. Possibly looking to see if anyone is interested in trading a pair of Khorns for a pair of piano black La Scalas. These were professionally painted and the caps have been upgraded on the crossovers. Still have all original caps and badges. One of a kind La Scalas that are functionally and cosmetically beautiful. Located in Central NY. Possibly may sell them but literally just entertaining offers right now unless the right number comes along. I have a pair of Khorns I have my eyes on.
  5. I have 2 k-400 horns that I pulled out of a really rough pair of Lascala. They do not match, apparently one is older than the other (sand cast). Obviously this doesn’t effect the sound. I would need to work on getting a proper box to ship these, but I can figure that if someone is interested. Of course they’re available for pickup in and around Chattanooga. Message me and we can discuss it. possible trade for a set of Dave's LMAHL. Thanks.
  6. New Member, I just inherited my grandfathers KHorns they ae completely original and unmolested as far as I can tell. I grew up listening to these amazing speakers and I'm looking forward to revitalizing them. My question is about the Style: JR I can't seem to find any information about them. Thanks in advance for any information, Newbie
  7. I currently have a pair of Cherry Khorns driven by an Audio Nirvana 300b tube amplifier designed by David Dicks of Commonsense Audio. I was apprehensive about purchasing this amp due to reading comments about the design and assembly characteristics described by a plethora of audio enthusiasts in a negative light but the common thread that was described was that their reviews were based solely on the design and components and not a physical audio experience. Every review I read by someone who had actually heard this amplifier indicated a premium audio experience and for me, that came at a cost of just under $2000. I recieved a letter from David Dicks stating that this was the last AN-300b to be sold as "New" due to their weight and his increasing age. Well, I am very pleased with the results however, I'm just getting started with my system and I'm looking to add on. Starting with a subwoofer(s) that will pair well with my Khorns. I am new to the audiophile world so I have been all over the place with ignorance and questions alike but I've been reading feverishly to try and reign in my thoughts and present "realistic" questions but I'll leave that to you to decide. First, a breakdown of my rooms and intended use. I am currently remodeling and preparing a theater room in my current house. The dimensions are 11'6"W × 15'10L × 7'10"H. I also have another house that I plan to remodel and move into in a few years where I intend to have a theater room in the basement with a much larger space and there are patio doors that can open up for out entertainment so I don't mind preparing equipment now. The Khorns sound great but I want to add to the low frequency for heart thumbing bass with music as well as theater surround as the system grows. I have seen a few recommendations but I understand enough to know that I don't know $#!@ about how this works in terms of pairing these speakers to account for delays as well as any other issues that I might be completely unaware of. I understand that the Khorns produce sound down to 20hz but it's insufficient for my taste, especially with such loud and clear highs. I also understand that these speakers are highly efficient as well as high quality and I fear that a sub-par subwoofer would take away from their performance. So I am considering either the THX-1200-SW subwoofer with the KA-1000-THX amplifier or possibly moving up to the KPT-684-SW with dual 18" drivers. If went this route I was considering a Behringer EP4000 with twice the wattage as the KA-1000-THX for a quarter the price. Here are a few questions that I have. If I purchased the THX-1200-SW and later decided to add a second one, would I also need a second amplifier? If I went with the KPT-684-SW would this present any other issues considering it's a commercial subwoofer? Another question I have is for my current stereo setup, I am using only the integrated two channel tube amplifier and is does not have an LFE output. Can I safely connect either of the above mentioned amplifiers and subs to the high output connections in conjunction with the Khorns?
  8. Have a new to me set of Khorn, and looking for clarification on brochure info. 1980 version (ish). See picture, its states when placed in corner the "walls and floor" become part of the "extention". Given how room treatments effect things, and damping cabinets effect bass ect, I'm wondering if a simple sheetrock wall corner is fine, and carpet on the floor, or if these surface treatments can be altered for different performance (extension)
  9. Two 1950s Khorns with different specs being sold together for $3000. Is it me or is that price pretty high? https://baltimore.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipschorn-speakers/6656096730.html No affiliation, just thought it was a curious ad and wanted to share.
  10. Just pulled a Stephens Tru-Sonic out of a 1954 K-horn.. anyone ever see this before??? Still sounds great! Cone and surround in seemingly great shape as well.
  11. Hi folks, I have visited this site many, many times as a spectator. I do have a few Klipsch pieces but never had the big boy stuff. Its not a matter of money per-say, but selling the want to the little lady..... if you know what I mean. Anyway, so she moved my man room from a very spacious area the lower floor to the house to a smaller room over the garage. I in turn built up my stereo system the way I want it. I like great speakers from smaller names companies. They are not inferior to any of the competition what so ever. For example I have a set of SAE 10's outstanding sound. I have a set of Chapman ( Small custom speaker company on Vashon island near Seattle) that are some of the best sounding speakers I have ever had, and many more. Well a few days ago I was cruising the local Craigslist and came across another set of locally made speakers I had to have. Mostly due to price. $100.00 !!! They were speakerlab K-horns. So I dashed right over a grab them. The gent tells me they were bought by his dad new, and he didn't think the mids worked. Well I get them back over to my shop clean the pots and found a wire off the mids, ohmed the speakers and found no issues, so I plugged them in and everything works fine but they are not very efficient. It was time to develop a plan. I know I am going to swap out the crossover for a ALK universal set. All though the current crossovers are working and the caps are ok, things could be much better with a little coin and elbow grease. I might look into swapping the mids with Altec 811's or 511's but thats about it. Now for the next challenge. I can't place them in the corner completely because remember this a room over the garage. I have a sloop ceiling and where these are going the ceil t wall is 46 inches. The speaker is 48. So it will be off the wall by 4 to 5 inches. This means I will have to wall back them.
  12. So I got this bug ... and its contagious. Its called the Heritage bug. I've been hearing about the sound of Klipsch for 20 years and personally experienced the warmth and depth of the sound every time I used to visit Little Rock, Arkansas during late night jam sessions in the 90's, so ... I finally bought a pair of LaScalas two years ago. And then I bought a pair of Heresy speakers a couple of months later. And then I bought a pair of Khorns a few months later and then I bought another pair of Khorns a few months later. STOP! (talking to myself) I don't want to get rid of anything, so do you think it is okay for me to stack the Khorns with the upper pair turned upside down? Any of you forum members ever done that? Thanks for your thoughts on this. moriceman
  13. I have come across a pair of obviously old Klipschorns and was wondering if anyone has the background to estimate their age. See attached photo of one of the labels.
  14. Looking for Klipschorns, pretty much any condition, but complete. Price goes with condition, obviously. My plan is to use the bass bin, and update the midrange & tweeter. First however, I need to acquire a pair and listen & evaluate. I have seen a few using searchtempest, but all are far away, and most sellers won't bother with shipping, which can be $$$. Prices vary from below $2K to around $4800, depends on year & condition I suppose. Most I have seen are around $2500 to $3K, pair. Was hoping someone in the western states might be selling?
  15. Hello. Can you help me find plans for housing for unfinished khorn cabinet? See pic for details. Thank you.
  16. I'm going to break this thread into four sections, the 5.0 setup, RF-83 vs Khorns, the RS-62's, and bi-amp. I am of the opinion that passive bi-amping works but the sound differences are minute. I intend to bi-amp the RF-83's with the Marantz expecting to confirm that theory. +++ I picked up a nice RF-83 package last week for a good price. RF-83, RC-64, and RS-62. Power is by the Marantz SR-6011. Thank you @jwc. I've got Khorns, CF-4's and some other nice speakers, but the WAF for the giant speakers is very low. The RF-83's are much higher on the WAF scale. After having the Khorns in the living room in a 3.1 to 5.1 configuration I didn't know if I could take less good sounding speakers. The RF-83's probably suffer technically, but in terms of pure fun the RF-83's with their mid-slam is proving to be "good enough" and they are much nicer looking in the living room.
  17. I have a sequential pair of Klipschorns that I inherited from my uncle when he passed away. I had them in a large bonus room for about 5 years and they worked great. We moved and my bonus room has became a toy room so I have no room for them. I have very little knowledge about them and estimated my price based on what I see on eBay and Craigslist. I've also asked a few folks with way more knowledge than me. I welcome any more knowledge and offers. From what I've read online they're from 1979. I know my uncle had someone refinish them in a dark walnut stain but they were Birch Raw originally. Would it be worth it to me to sand them down and return to their original state? Is my asking price way off? I don't think I'd want to venture into shipping them but I'll listen to anything. Thanks in advance. It won't let me upload all the pics, I have a Craigslist ad with some more. https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/ele/6016690125.html
  18. Hello, I have a set of vintage corner speakers that I would like to find out more information about. Can anyone tell me what they are and what the value might be on them. They are in very nice working condition. Thank you
  19. This is on Ebay and looks pretty rare, out of Wheeling, WV, near Pittsburgh. No afil. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1954-Klipschorn-Klipsch-Corner-Speaker-Piano-Black-PICKUP-ONLY-Stephens-103-Wf-/122436295450?hash=item1c81c59b1a:g:lywAAOSwc-tY6F07
  20. Too weird for me, certainly at that price: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/ele/6050749934.html No affiliation...
  21. I am planning to upgrade my unmolested 1978 Khorns in the next week or so. I want to document the changes in a thread along with listening impressions. I'd like to use this thread for some suggestions from you Klipschites, then start a new thread for the actual changes. I have some questions, then I'd like to listen to your ideas. Comment on or critique anything you want. I took out all the other speakers in the living room weeks ago to get used to the the Khorn sound in Stereo mode. My other choice would be Pure Audio, meaning no audio processing by the Onk AVR. Onkyo TX-NR 717, bought in 2014. The 717 has basic Audyssey, 3 listening positions. It will set distances and trim level relative to reference, which usually means -12 db. I have disabled Audyssey and set both L/R to 0 trim. I could re-run Audyssey to get some baseline info. The Upgrade: I will be getting some Crites A/4500 crossovers and I will pull the Type AA. This means I can't use the stock K-77's. I will using some SEOS 12" horns and Denovo DNA-360 compression drivers I already had from another project. This will not be the same as a standard Crites A/4500 with the usual CT-120 or CT-125 tweeters. I don't want to change two variables at one time but I don't think I have much choice. Your opinions? I would like to put the new horn on the tophat, then move it front to back to experiment with some time alignment. And finally I was wanting to try putting some damping materials on the tophat to see if I could hear difference in reflection by using carpet, towel, maybe some foam sheets. Other suggestions?
  22. I have a vintage pair of K33 woofers in excellent condition. These were removed from my K'horns for an update just after purchasing them used in 84. Speakers measure DCR 3.4 and 3.3. Photo upload won't cooperate, pics on request. $300.00, you pay shipping. They are in pristine, working condition, see pics. Please ask any questions you may have. All sales are final.
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