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Dark Side of the Moon


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Still have my original, complete with seed burn.

I've never heard either a vinyl re-issue or a digital version as good. Don't know what they do to it. I digitized my own vinyl and it sounded better than the Mobile Fidelity CD my wife has.

Hmm.... What were we talking about?


I can't figure why they can't get a lot of re-issues right also.....one glaring example is one of my go to system test lps...Santana Abraxas, I have the original which IMO can't be touched by the MOFI or the 1/2 speed remaster..... Simon and Garfunkle's Bookends is another...my old scratchy original sounds better than the brand new 180 gram I just got????????

with just a few exceptions ....CD's that I burn on my Tascam CC -222( pretty low tech ) from vinyl, sound better than purchased cd's.

I don't know....what were you talking about?

I have a similar complaint, only for CD reissues/remasters. Surely if something is worth remastering, or put on SACD/DVD-A, why can't they get rid of tape hiss? My SACDs of Allman Bros -Eat a Peach, Derek & Dominoes, and Abraxas all have surprising levels of hiss. I can't believe that hiss is not one of the easiest defects to clean up, with today's technology.

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I like my Abraxas columbia half speed.  Very clean, very dynamic.  Personally I can't imagine how the original usa pressing could be better?

It's just one of those things that I guess you need to be literate in audiophile terms to properly describe.....but I own all three copies and the original just sounds better...has that "Je ne sais quoi" (hows that for audiophile terms)

I can say the same for many many lp's that I have....the 1st pressing sounds better than the audiophile version.......????? I'm stymied, you'd think that with improved technology, they could get it to sound better, but maybe there in lies the difference.....they try to improve and wind up ruining the magic?

the tape hiss ticks me off also on the dig. remasters......

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I don't really recall hearing tape hiss, I'll listen again soon. As for today's technology, the Abraxas half speed does not qualify as today. I think I've had mine at least for 20 years or more. From what I remember they simply took the master tape and cut the presses at half speed and there wasn't much more to it than that.

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Sorry OT....I was rambling and poorly trying to address several different posts......

No hiss on any versions of Abraxas......I was referring to some digitally remastered CD's that I have..

Modern tech....just making a general statement.......some of my new LP's are outstanding.....others I just scratch my head?

All three copies of Abraxas I own are very good......first I thought I was nuts but I can detect slight differences ......more air around the cymbal crashes, better seperation of the soundstage, more "3D" presentation on the original......the difference is really apparent on my dealers Nottingham Dais/ Lyra Titan combo.......but I'm about 12K short right about now for that!!!!

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Just because of this thread I pulled out my MoFi vinyl and spun it up this morning before heading out to work. Right now I am listening through my Sonic Impact Super T-amp and small-ish book shelf speakers in my office via FLAC on the computer. Talk about a difference.

I was really digging it this morning and saying why don't I listen to this more often. Here at work it is just like hearing it in the car for the last 30 some years. Sure you know the words and tap your toes...but to really enjoy this it HAS to have a dedicated listen session.

At home with my eyes closed during the opening track I would swear I am sitting inside the speakers as the music has a full 180 degrees around me from ear to ear.

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Well after all the talk I had to turn the volume off of the game and put in DSOTM. WOW! I haven't listened to this on my system in it's current state. It is truly awesome. I cannot believe the the bass.

What frequency is the bass at the beginning of "Breathe"? I could hardly hear it but everything in the room was vibrating like crazy.


The lowest sound on the album is the heartbeat at the beginning of the first track. It goes down to 27 Hz. It was one of the things I noticed improved continuously as I improved the bass on my own system.

I have had more copies of this album than I care to recall. On CD and on Vinyl. I heard the SACD (in 2 channel) too. The best is the Greek vinyl pressing for various production reasons I have mentioned on here before. The UK one is better than the US one - the japanese audiophile version is not all that great. Forget french and italian versions but the German is good.

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Here at work it is just like hearing it in the car for the last 30 some years. Sure you know the words and tap your toes...but to really enjoy this it HAS to have a dedicated listen session

Word brother Rich[li] I like mine with a nice glass of Chianti[:o] Speaking of a nice 27Hz bottom end another snappy albiet not nearly as low is Mick Fleetwood's bass kickdrum on the Mac's "World Turning". Seti has turned me on to a new kind of bass woth Byork[:|] LOL

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