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Audioquest "DBS" cables... huh?


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Can someone put into lay terms what these "dbs" cables are supposed to do? What is the magic oil with the dbs part?

I've not bought any and don't plan on it...however, I did acquire a bunch of them in this pile of stuff I'm going through. The little dbs unit has a button you can push and little diode lights up...whooooooooo

I've not plugged one in yet as I just pulled them out this morning.


The wires I'm holding are Audioquest Jaguar and seem to have this dbs device built into them rather than an add on like the above link seems to suggest.

These are like the ones I'm holding but the ones I'm holding are a bit longer


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If this system takes wing out there, I am sure it wont be long before that little battery pack itself, becomes the size of a McIntosh 350 amplifier which must be powered by a separate generator located in your back yard, with #00 solid gold wire feeding the "hospital grade" connectors and so on. B-O-R-I-N-G.


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MIT cables have an "articulation points" thing that I don't understand after reading their ads a number of times. The more expensive ones have more "articulation points", but I have no idea what they are and it sounds totally hokey.

Has anyone else noticed those ads?

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Coytee.... BS here [;)] hmmm, yea I don't buy the whole thing however I do like Audioquest. I had some lower line Audioquest wire that I bi-wired my KLF-30's with in my previous house, and call me crazy... but I do think they sounded pretty good, better than stranded wire anyway.

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Oh, meant to add.... pick up a few of these, I am sure they to will do wonders [8-)]

CABLE TOWER Audio/Video Cable Support.
US PATENT # D565,389
Elevate your cables from the negative effects of carpeting and flooring. CABLE TOWER is an outstanding patent pending design which offers incredible cable support performance and appealing appearance. Unlike the unsightly utility based porcelain insulator, our CABLE TOWER was specifically engineered and designed for home audio/video use. White paper tests results support it's superior performance properties. Don't be fooled by the cheap "knock-offs"
Here is an email from David Robinson - Editor of Positive Feedback
Hello Daniel... So far, I have to say that I'm really impressed. These bloody devices are already better than my old ceramic lifts, and I haven't fully implemented the long cable run with them yet. Sturdy, sure-footed, and providing an improvement in the sound to boot. I have them in place with the Wavac HE-833 v1.3's right now, with an EMM Labs CDSD/DAC6 SACD front end. Damned glorious sound, my friend...right now, it's Janos Starker on Mercury SACD doing Bach. What could be better? ;-) Hope this answers your question! All the best, david
avid W. Robinson
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For what it's worth, my dealer loaned me a set of the Audioquest DBS, along with some other cables, when I was looking for some balanced cables for my system. The technology sounded gimmicky to me and I was skeptical but thought, sure I'll try them out.

They sounded worse than the cheap RCAs I had been using.



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Hmmm...I should look up the patent as I'm having a hard time
understanding how biasing anything in a cable with DC is going to
change the AC behavior. I can understand issues like capacitors where
the biasing is changing the physical behavior, but as far I know
there's no hysteresis in the super small capacitance in a normal
interconnect... [^o)]

I also don't see propogation speed as being a
major issue at audio frequencies...so what if it arrives a few pico
seconds later? No way that's audible - and even if it was, why aren't
we dealing with the other sources of time smear that are much larger in
magnitude? Heck, the diaphragm is gonna bend and cause more phase shift (yikes).

I think I would also be worried about noise in the bias circuitry getting coupled into the signal...

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Given my predisposition on these being snake oil and those thoughts being confirmed, I think I'll match them up into pairs and see if they'll ebay themselves away.

Anyone here care to write up some flowery descriptive that I can use?

They do have a nice little diode that lights up when you push the button. I wonder if that means I have to sit there and hold the button the entire time or if pushing the button "clears out" the wiring somehow, as in resets it??

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I wonder if that means I have to sit there and hold the button the entire time or if pushing the button "clears out" the wiring somehow, as in resets it??

I see that you didn't read the directions. That is a 'test' button, to let you know the batteries are ok and that it is 'working'.
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Though you are right in that I didn't read the instructions (never found any), everyone seemed to miss my (poor) attempt at humor, drawing a picture of me holding 4 buttons with my left hand on one side of the room, while also stretched across the room to hold the other 4 buttons in the right speaker... all the while, obvlious to maybe putting the buttons centrally at the amp. [:P]

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