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Hello, I want to build a Cornscala with a seperate ported bass bin. I have read that it is bad for a 2'x2'x2' cabinet ( because of the soundwaves)? Can somebody help me out with some information here, as I would be willing to build it 24x28x20 if that would make a difference sonically. I believe the wood Trachorn that I will use will fit with a 20" depth. Either way it will have the cubic feet needed for bass to compare with a Cornwall. My original Cornwall built last summer is the exact dimensions of a Cornwall with a much bigger horn. All Crites drivers and crossovers, but now looking at a ALK Trachorn, a Beyma tweeter, with Crites woofers, and probably ALK crossovers, also looking ahead already to a larger format using Greg Roberts horns. Anyway, what about the dimensions? thanks, Rich

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I plan on making the V-Trac horn as a separate horn for DIY'ers to use.

I can also build the horns into a cabinet, leaving space for a tweeter to be mounted.

I'm thinking that an angled top cabinet, like the ones used on top of Industrial Split La Scalas would look nice and be very flexible for use on top of any of the various Cornscala type bass cabinets.

Making another batch of just the horns coming up in a couple of weeks.


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I do know that Golden Ratio is still in effect from everything from building construction to furniture. It works very well for a two dimension shape, and it is amazing how many thing fall very close to that ratio. When you get into the 3 dimension stuff it get more complicated and really doesn't look that pleasing to the eye. Typically the 1.6 to 1 works well for a speaker and the depth is adjusted to make the correct volumn that is needed.

Kind of interesting stuff.


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Mine are 22.5 W x 30 H x 20 D for the bass cabinet. Keep the internal volume correct and you have some flexibility. Use JWC's calculations from his build where he did all the calculations on the volumes when removing the mid horn and tweeter and go from there. I worked mine backwards based on the overall height that I wanted and what the mid horn cabinet had to be and went from there. This is a very straight forward build that produces great results.

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When I was trying to decide on whether to build my Cornscalas or just retrofit the old cabinets I consulted with Bob Crites who has an excellent web page describing his Cornscala project. He told me that the volume of the cabinet should have a minimum volume of 6 cubic feet. Before I had a chance to build it out, I came across a pair of cannibalized cabinets for fifty bucks so that solved that problem!

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