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Does Klipsch make car speakers?


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Reminds me of the story a friend of mine told me about buying his K-horns. He picked them up himself from the dealer in his '65 Impala SS Convertible. He said he put them in the back seat, standing up, for the drive home. Guy pulled up next to him at a light and yelled "Rock & Roll!!!" [:P]

I don't know if it's true, but it's a great mental image. :)

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but there were too many complaints about reduced gas mileage

Well, ya big lunk....everyone knows they are supposed to point backwards for that turbo-power effect.

Just how high would the space shuttle go if the engines were pointing upwards on takeoff? [*-)]

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I am cursed with 2 sets of premium BLOWS sound systems in both cars. No choice. I was listening to a CD in one last night and reflecting just how $hitty these awful systems really are. Too bad that klipsch did not seize this opportunity with the car companies back in the day before this garbage became standard equip. It sucks and sucks and sucks. I hate it.

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