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Klipsch branded gear store


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I would love to see some shirts with the small logo on the from chest area, and the actual pic (I'm thinking about the heresy one) should be on the back. I really love this idea and prefer to have the front simple with a kick a#$ design on the back! Btw I love the heresy one so much I got a black long sleeve one!


Small "Klipsch" on the front left and large "Klipsch, A legend in sound" on the back. That would be killer!

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Amy, you did a great job of giving us lots of options. I think a few more garments in black would do well (i.e. S/S & L/S T's, polos and hooded sweatshirts). A neon sign would be awesome! Yes, I realize it would be a $200+ item but I think if you numbered the back (even with a Sharpie) you'd go through 50 pretty quick. What about a mouse pad? A 12 month calendar show casing the old and new would be cool too.

Thanks again for all that you do for us.

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Awesome! love the big legend in sound banner. Must have a 'Pissing off the Neighbors' product selection too. ( consider Hottie's too)

Also consider some speaker grill embellishments like lapel pins to wear or put directly on to grills. This last one may seem odd but selling proper gold plated terminal strip spades with set screws for the wire for the heritage folks would be cool as they are hard to find.

See my post on the Klipsch Immersion box too, http://community.klipsch.com/forums/p/76856/1637169.aspx#1637169

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What about some nice knit shirts with various emblems on them?

We dress business casual at work and can wear anything as long as it's got a collar.

How fun would that be to wear a knit shirt, with collar with "BS" blazoned on it...


I've receved various knit shirts over the years from various vendors (with their name or logo). Nicely made. I wear them all the time to work. Be nice to have a change of pace.

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Since a little bit of Hope is in each piece, maybe 'Providing Hope since 1946'

I'd like to see a collared knit shirt. C'mon Amy.... you can do it.

Perhaps, even a collared knit shirt.... with an ear-lobe emblem.... it could be the joke of the forum.


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