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Check out these Khorns


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I wonder what my wife will shoot me with if I bring home a 2nd pair of KHORNS. I hope you guys all come to my funeral.

Would Klipschorn boxes make a suitable casket bolted end to end ?

Or would La Scalas be more practical ? :D

If you look at / hear them and pass let me know what you me think about them please.

I'm Klipschorn hunting.

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Looks like a Veneering job by Greg Roberts, especially since these are located in Maine

Greg does an outstanding job, and moreover does his the way PWK did, with the grain on the edges running parallel to the length of the edge:


The edge grain in the K-horns that opened the thread run perpendicular to it, which I don't think looks as nice. Also note the absence of the kick plate along the bottom of the front, also the way PWK did it.


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