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VRD Mono Blocks


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Yea one of the GZ37's I bought went flash boom bang the second time I fired it up. NOS my butt...... the glass was discolored above the heaters on the top of both tubes. I sent them both back and will probably have to go through an eBay/PayPal battle with the guy.

I tried some Phillips 5R4GYS from Upscale and I was not impressed with the huge voltage drop. Upscale and a few of his cronies swear they are the best thing since sliced bread but I have little faith in them for the situation I was testing these out for....

I've yet to score some GZ-33 but I have my eyes on a pair.

I really dig the GZ32's CV593 I got from Brent Jessie...I can really put the juice to the KT-150's without voltage drop with those babies...but of course they are no less expensive then NOS GZ34's... but they sure can deliver the voltage and current.

See correction above the CV593 is not exactly a GZ32 and much better then most if not all consumer level GZ32

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Yes they will work. But if your running KT88's then you have no reason to spend the money. I've been messing with these rectifiers for use with KT150's I was sent for evaluation. The KT150's can take gobs of current that would really be pushing a GZ34. Basically I'm just messing around having some fun.

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The Salons I was looking at have a sale pending now , I'm almost positive I lost them

While I did not agree with your "blow them away" review of the Revels, they are mightly fine speakers. I have heard them several times and they always sounded good (at shows no less).

I think I have a sale complete, but the TAD speakers that I had listed for $5250 are every bit as good as the $20,000 B&W S800's they replaced, and they can run hapily on a 200 wpc amp. Same league as the Revels for a fraction of the price.

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Are you about to tell me something I already know yet again? Please refrain.

how would you know lol :P

I don't :ph34r: but this is a road we have traveled countless times in the past. Erik has been on this forum most likely as least as long as I have...he changed his name I believe after the big forum upgrade because he lost his log in.

I'm fairly sure he was going to point out the limitations of capacitor input size on a GZ37....

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