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VRD Mono Blocks


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Having had the opportunity to spend some time listening to NOSValves' VRD ST 45 (stereo version) and then later an older pair of the mono blocks I knew that this is what I have been looking for! I decided that I wanted to step it up notch and get new VRD monos with some upgrades.

I asked for some pictures during the process since I like to see how things go together and I like to keep records of my own projects as well.

Craig told me that currently tk49 here on the forum is building the cabinets for the VRDs. I contacted tk49 with some design ideas I had for the cabinets and he was very helpful talking me through to a final decision. I threw out most of my ideas before we arrived at what you see here... a solid cherry cabinet with walnut splines. The splines weren't my idea but add a little strength as well as a nice look. He is also building a matching cabinet for a Technics 1200.


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Complete! Can't wait!

Do you have them yet...... Stick out tongue

Don't have them yet. Craig is funny about that... he probably wants me to finish paying him first! I'll be taking care of that ASAP.

Yeah, he's funny that way!! .... rolling.gif!

Congratulations Man, you are in for a real treat.

Keep us posted,

Dennie drinkingcheers.gif

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Yeah, I wish I had these skills too! I don’t think they are charging a lot for labor though. I didn’t spend much on cosmetics but the Teflon film and foil Vcaps added around 25% to the price. Here is some more info on them: http://www.v-cap.com/teflon-capacitors.php

I had tried the Cardas golden ratio caps in the ST 45 and really liked them... I hope to love the Vcaps! Now if I can just get my room figured out and get some of the furniture and junk out of the way.

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