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VRD Mono Blocks


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mine aren't new any more, april 2010.


rectifier tube went south last week...i listen 15 - 20 hours/week, so 4 years...approx 4000 hours on the 5AR4's....hard to beat that. 


i had spares, replaced both....another 4 years "hear" we come....

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:) Craig sent me these pictures today , should have them in my hands soon . I sold my SS mono blocks a bit early so I have been without tunes for a few long weeks .

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Those are perfect... perfect.

I want the exact same thing!

Thanks , here are the upgraded parts I had Craig add , I'm sure I really didn't need them since the VRD's get awesome reviews in a stock configuration  the way it is .


KT 150's  Tong-Sol

CBS 7318

Tesla 12ax7

Jupiter Copper

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well... what does the jury say about them A1UC

Sorry for the late reply , but I have around 10 hours on these now and they keep getting better . I really focused on the sound of these amps to see if I should maybe swap tubes but everything so far sounds just perfect . I tire kicked these amps many months and finally took a chance on them , all I can say they are worth every cent just awesome . I was worried about power 65W but I don't need more than 1/4 of the power to drive my speakers  85.5dB .

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