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HH Scott 222c....


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Feeler....I'm really dragging my feet on this one. I know I'll regret it.

-7/10 due to age

-"Deluxe Rebuild" by Nosvalves in 2006

-NOS tubes from Brent Jesse

-Flawless operation

-possible trade considered....looking for another RSW-15

...just seeing if there's any interest. I'm starting here because I know Klipsch folks will apreciate this amp.


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I fired up my LK-48B last night after reading this thread...it's a keeper. Sounds good on my Cornwalls and my coaxials.

$600 is a good price. I picked up my LK-48B from CL for $200 5 years ago or so...it came with the build manual, a pair of junk speakers, and a cute little Sony ST-80W AM/FM tuner.

The Scott kit was all original with the same tubes and the walnut case. I went ahead and spent another $150 in parts to re-cap, replace the selenium rectifier, and replace some resistors of interest.

The seller said his uncle owned the unit, and worked electronics as an engineer or some such...so he did a good job in layout/wiring/soldering. It looked like he got a bit tired in layout on a couple spots, so I went ahead and straightened that up. It was a bit labor intensive, along with the clean-up.

So $350 bucks with a bit of time.

600 bucks doesn't seem so bad...considering the price of 7189s. I traded a 200 dollar pair of coaxial drivers for a extra quad of 7189s.

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