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For Sale: Cornwall IIIs


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Reluctantly selling my pair of Cornwall IIIs. I'm the second owner and have had them sitting idle for about a year; I maybe have 30 hrs on them. The original owner had them less than one year as they ended up being too large for his room. I purchased them to use in an audio/video room I was working on in my basement, but I find them too large as well and have decided to go with a much smaller footprint Revel F52.

I'm very impressed with these and think they are excellent for the $$ and would love to keep them if my wife will let me put them upstairs, but she will not.

I'm using a Bryston DAC and Sim Audio integrated and they sound very very good. I tried them for a short while with a PrimaLuna tube amp and that sounded great too, but I missed the drive and detail I got with good solid state stuff. Great bass and super fast dynamics with a very detailed sound. They are a bit more forward than my Revels but with them toed in to the center I don't find them bright.

I do not have the boxes so pickup in central MA is needed, or else the buyer can pay for professional freight shipping for them.

The speakers mechanically are like new; each speaker has a few small dings mostly around the front trim from moving them around. The sides and tops are excellent.

If you are interested email me and I can send you more detailed pictures.

Selling price: $1600








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As my friend Ross Perrot said, "I hear that giant sucking sound" pulling me towards Central Massachusetts. I cannot believe these have not sold yet. I keep doing the math in my head

$4,000 - cost of new Cornwalls

$ 320 - sales tax in New York



-$1,700 Selling cost


$2,600 cost averted by buying these as compared to new.


$1,700 - Cost of these Cornwalls

$0000 - Cost of thinking with my head (the big one) and not buying


$1,700 - Cost averted...(but no Cornwalls)

Geez, I wish someone would buys these!

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I would buy them in a minute if they were closer. Good luck with the sale.


I bought 4 very large speakers from Carl in East coast of Texas and had them shipped to Roseburg. Had to ship them to a business that had a forklift. If I wanted them I would look into the cost of shipping. Of course there have been Professional and amature opinions about my sanity. And it don't look good.

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Go ahead & buy them & put yourself outa misery.

OK, so if I understand what you are saying, I should:

1. Buy the Cornwalls

2. Put myself out of my misery when I have come to understand what I have done.

Any suggestions as to the best way to off myself?

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