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Fisher 400 Receiver Restored & Rock'in


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Fisher 400 Receiver, restored to excellent condition by none other than Mr. NOSValves. I had looked for a while to get a really nice unit to start with and then had Craig work his magic on it with a complete deluxe rebuild with a basic MPX alignment. The end result is an awesome receiver that should be good for the next 30 years. The work was done one year ago and it has served as a spare bedroom system, so it doesn't have a lot of hours on it since the restore.

Why would I sell it? My stereo rooms are disappearing as we downsize; next year we'll have 3 kiddos in college - yes at the same time. The same reason my StarChiefs left the other day, and Blueberry Extreme last month.

The Fisher 400 is a 65 watt FM Stereo receiver. It has enough power to rock any Klipsch speakers, and it sounds incredible.

It is a cosmetically good unit.

Price is $700 plus shipping. You can not buy a nice unit with case and have it restored for this. Local pickup and a nice test / listening session is welcome. I could also meet somebody on the west side of Chicago next week Wednesday / Thursday as I'll be in town for work. I live in Des Moines.




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Theres the guy looking for an integrated tube unit for his heresy'...I will copy and paste your sale in his thread. You are extremely trustworthy obviously...he may just need updates to his networks to do the job well. Very nice unit! Good luck with sale. That is gorgeous. Nice choice in valves as well. Cheers

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FWIW - I've owned the Fisher 500C (NOS Valve Restored), A Scott 299A (NOS Valve Restored), and A Scott 296 (NOS Valve Restored to the Max), an Eico HF87 (NOS Valve Restored) + Eico HF85 (NOS Valve Restored), and Eico HF81.

All the aforementioned units were hooked up to Klipsch Cornwalls - of all the units, my favorite was the Fisher 500C, with Scott 296 a close second. I'm not saying thats how others would rate them - but I really enjoyed my Fisher 500C. The Scott 296 had brute power and was very detailed in its presentation. The more pure the incoming signal, the more pure the output.

With the Fisher 500C, no matter what the source was - it all sounded good. I felt it was kind of the most "musical" components I've owned.

I'm sure the Fisher 400 is comparable

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Its best to use the US Postal service for any shipping out of the US. It's really not that big a deal to Canada. One simple form to fill out. The problem is on the recipients end with customs charges..

+11111 and it's getting worse.

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I wish someone would buy this Damn Fine Receiver!

Every day I tell myself, "You already got one. You have 2 other tube setups, How many setup do you really have? How many do you really need?

It would be nice to have a matched set of Fishers.

The wife won't like it and she has that 38.

I don't have the money to spend. What do I have to trade for money or the receiver.

Wife indicated that if I sell some, more then enough to cover the cost of the receiver then I can buy it.

Sure sucks being out of work and not having an income. Maybe I can/should start picking up pop bottles for stereo money.

At least my wife is self employed so we ain't hungry. Got it better then a lot of people.

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