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F.S. Klipsch Cornwalls


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There is another one on the other side (identical except for one S/N digit) in the same shape.

Walnut Lacquer (CWL)

Local pickup is Houston, TX.

They are standard vertical speakers (not reconfigured to be center channel).

Other questions?  Let 'em fly.



 What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?   Lars

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that's a great question.  And I can't answer it.  I've always made the assumption that they were CWLs.  I see what you're talking about on the tag, but i've never actually paid attention.  Any idea how I would find out for sure?  Please advise.



I am going to say without a doubt they were Walnut Oil from the word go. If they are actually a laquer then someone did that and changed the tag and not a very good job on changing the tag ! ( its obvious )

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