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Chorus II grills.....only $500!


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Don't miss out on this awesome deal. Chorus II speaker grills for $500!


Pretty amazing what people think they can fetch on Ebay.....hahaha

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To go along with those grills, how about a nice set of knobs and buttons to an old Marantz receiver, he is also selling, or you can buy the feet

If needed, I would pay that. 500 clams for grills??

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Lol, I saw that ad but did not notice it was just for Grills.   Typical Ebay scumbag.  


I think on a episode of Juge Judy they had a ebay lady that sold a picture of two iphones for 500.00.  What they got in mail was a photo of two iphones.     The ebay scumbag lady tried to say if they are that stupid they deserve to loose the money.    Judge Judy tore her a new one.    I think its on you tube, was pretty funny.


This guy is the same type of scumbag, moldy speaker grills for 500.00 + shipping.    Probably got them out of the dumpster to support his heroine addiction.

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