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Klipsch speaker Impedance curves


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I think a thread that is locked to the top with Klipsch impedance curves would be helpful so if you have them for any klipsch speaker please share. I know this will be helpful to folks powering the speakers with tube amplifiers and especially flea powered.


Moderators if you see fit please lock it to the top. 

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Here is the curve from the article on the CW II.


Let me point out some things at the risk of being Captain Obvious.


The curves of the CWII and Quartets and Forte II are similar.  So if someone says that that the Q and FII are weird and oddball, just consider that the CW II is the same, and I'm sure the historic CW has a similar impedance curve.


The large rise in impedance above 500 Hz is the action of the autotransformer.  This is used in each of the units. It just cuts down on the power to the mid.  The mid driver and horn is more acoustically efficient that the bass and the tweeter, and this is an effective electrical attenuation.


In the bass region:  If these had a sealed back box, like the Heresy, we'd see a big hump where the driver starts to resonate in the box.


However, these three have a port loading the bass at or near that resonance.  In the CW it is the actual mass of air in the port.  In the Q and FII it is the effect of the mass of the passive radiator (and some spring in the passive).


Therefore, in the bass we would have a mountain at resonance which indicates the diaphragm is moving a lot except that the port or passive loads it down acoustically to pump sound out the port or move the passive radiator.  These are a way of getting sound energy off the back of the bass driver.  The effect of the port or passive puts a big trough in the mountain.


The electrical  impedance curves are interesting because they illustrate what is going on further into the speaker system.










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