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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Nothing beats the Band. Got the latest pressing of the Last Waltz and giving it a spin. I have loved the Band ever since I found a cover of their song "The Night They Drove ol Dixie Down" by Joan Baez on one of my dads records.  I am not sure about all of the people they brought on during the show but some of the rendentions of their songs where magical.  


Also got the newely released Metallica Master of Puppets box set. 3 LP's, 10 Cd's, 2 DVD's and a cassettee tape.  A lot of live stuff on there to go through.

master of puppets.jpg

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On 8/28/2018 at 12:37 PM, JohnJ said:

It's all cool with me, how do you like that svs sub? I trialed the svs sb2000 and it was the best sub I've heard before at that size!

I like it a lot.  It is one of their older subs and let me tell you it was a real pain getting it up the stairs.  It is great with movies.  I used to have a sb2000 in my office but I sold it.  It was a great sub but it was overkill for the office.  Waiting to see if I need another sub after I get some proper stands built for the JBL's. If so I will probably go with a rythmik this time.

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Good evening everyone here in Paul's forum :)


I have just completed listening to this great new age recording...   This is from the Narada label and a record that I picked up at that Thrift Shop in North Carolina last week...


Sounded great, and I do not believe it was never played !!!   Anyway, hear are the series of photos...   The FRONT cover artwork...DSCN3453.jpg

The rear cover...........DSCN3454.jpg

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20 hours ago, Full Range said:




When are you going to return the record to MCA 😂😂😂😂😂


Too funny Paul............:)   Ok, I am continuing with more from the Thrift Shop..    I was intrigued by this one when I showed up between lots of mold old LPs...   Jesse Crawford was always known for recordings on the Hammond Organ, but here he is on a theater pipeorgan!    Here then is the cover artwork with a photo of Jesse at the console...DSCN3496.jpg

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....the rear cover....contains Jesse's musical career in print, and then Decca's promotion of recordings and their prices too !DSCN3497.jpg

Here then, is the 10"  SHELLAC disc !   It really sound amazing considering that material...   The record is as stiff as a piece of glass !   Ok, here you go.....note the  'Unbreakable'  statement.... I surely would not want to drop it, probably shatter into a thousand pointy pieces !! :oDSCN3499.jpg


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