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Vinyl - Record Spinning

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There's safety in numbers
When you learn to divide
How can we be in
If there is no outside
All shades of opinion
Feed an open mind
But your values are twisted
Let us help you unwind
You may look like we do
Talk like we do
But you know how it is
You're not one of us

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Lost another from "my" music yesterday.

Do you remember when it was that you heard that first awful arrangement of one of your favorite teenage songs in an elevator?


So yea from that era the only? band to have three lead guitarists that I loved. Ed King went home yesterday.






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Ok, it is FRIDAY NIGHT here in the USA, and time to post some of my latest vinyl finds from a thrift shop while visiting my Dad some 840 miles SOUTH of my home just last week.....   So tonight, I decided on this Debussy / Ravel recording on the Columbia label....   This is a MONO / HiFi '360'  LP and one of 10 LPs I picked out from 8 bins that were at least 1 meter deep !!!    


Here then is the front cover artwork.....with VINO poured and some chocolates in the little bowl.........   🍷DSCN3241.jpg

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Here is the FLIP side of the inner sleeve..............love this  :emotion-25: !DSCN3245.jpg

....now, keep in mind, this is a MONO recording which smacks of 1957 or ealier since it mentions '360' HI FI sound.....  Here is the disc itself, complete with MOLD which took two Disc Washer passes to clean off..AND the grey label with six eyes !!DSCN3246.jpg

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