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They don't do that around here.  Mostly estate auctions.  They would go for a buck or two per milk crate full.  Now more are buying them just thinking they can make money w/a resale or they sit on them.  Hate to make the drive then come home empty handed because they went sky high.  More people collecting vinyl now even if they don't play vinyl if that makes sense...  From what I saw there should be some good stuff in there but as soon as you show up and start looking ppl notice.  Then some moron tries to run the price up on you.  If you don't look then you could wind up getting crates of garbage.  It's just a crap shoot for the most part.  Perhaps this link will work for you there:  https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=3143342&category=0&zip=44820&kwd=   Let me know if it does.

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Had a local Pepsi Driver here who collected ANY type of vinyl for 40 years.  He picked up at auctions and never played it.  He had a pole barn he used to back his Pepsi truck into.  Almost of of the spare wall space he had was shelved and FULL.  I thought I was in a record plant when I walked into it at his auction.  NOTHING organized at all and they practically gave it all away.  Mostly big band, jazz, country, combo LP's.  So much there and all unorganized it was just mind boggling.  I left.  Prolly a mistake, but at point in time it was just way too much to comprehend.  It would have taken a week for me to figure it all out.  Here's the kicker...  He had NO STEREO system! 

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6 minutes ago, JohnJ said:


We're on different wavelengths right now, but my tt is running a lot more often than just when I'm on here:D






Up here in central ny... We is rednecked

In a crazier way... Than down south..


We do some strange things when it snows...

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