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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Hello everyone, and nearly LUNCH TIME in Paul's land  🍕  !


On this Saturday night in RTM, a couple of us are doing the 70ies electronic theme.   And so, Here is Jon Anderson with Vangelis, a collaboration of many successful recordings....    Front cover artwork...........DSCN3565.jpg

Rear artwork of the two musicans....DSCN3566.jpg

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5 minutes ago, Full Range said:

I am now playing another release by Barclay James Harvest 



Thanks for the likes Paul, and DO enjoy your BJH recordings !


I am not skipping a beat here tonight.........pulled yet ANOTHER Anderson/Vangelis recording....  This one earlier (1975 and on RCA), actually has more bottom end and depth then the Polydor recording....   Here is the FRONT artwork........always was affixed on those winged glass hands back in the day when I bought this NEW....DSCN3581.jpg

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4 minutes ago, Full Range said:



Looks like an enjoyable evening 

I just had a light lunch and contemplating on what to do with a large stone tile I was given 

Got to check the measurements to see if it will fit under the TT - otherwise under a component 


Very good Paul, I knew it was lunch time for you   ^_^,  pitch black outside, but colorful here in the Hall as you have seen by the vibe shot...  11:10pm. here...   Ok, let us know on where you place that stone!   Meanwhile, just flipped to SIDE TWO...................listening as I type....DSCN3585.jpg

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50 minutes ago, Tigerman said:

Ok, let us know on where you place that stone


Measured the tile and was good for under the turntable so I proceeded to give it a try 

So I placed it under the TT - Gave it the tap tone test and decided not to use it as it has some ringing tone on the tap test 

Not all is lost as it gave me a chance to clean the dust from that section and put the TT back as it was 

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Its raining down here in SE Texas so I thought it was a good day for some Doom & Sludge Metal. First up was my favorite release by Pallbearer and coincidently their first, Sorrow and Extinction. Side A is maginificent. Gonna play with Earth a little later on with the album Pentastar:In the Style of Demons. 






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