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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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Starting today I will go through my Slade LP collection 

Yes I am a closet Slade fan and proud of it 

They started out with a different name in 1966 


Never made it big in the USA

But copied by US bands 10 years later 

Overall the music was so good it’s still relevant and popular today 


Artist - Slade 

Title - Old New Borrowed and Blue 



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If that's not a blast from the past I don't know what is, recalled the name instantly and remembered the quiet riot cover that made the fm waves.

Pulled them up on youtube and saw them short haired and younger doing a Beatles song in the 60s for a tv show, then a rocker after that.




pardon that ignorant poster that thinks short hair back then had an ulterior meaning.

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8 hours ago, Full Range said:

They be skinheads 

In the late 60s skinheads were a buzz cut then they went bald later on 

Yep everyone I knew that wasn't a girl had hair like that in the 60s. Mid 70s mine was long to my shoulders and so thick the barber spent the first twenty minutes thinning my hair.

Past twenty..... I cut it myself with a one inch and a 3/4 around my ears, I've reverted. Don't even have to buy shampoo when it's this short!


That darn gene got me good!


"American History X" is what I think of when skinhead is mentioned... I automatically think derogatory.

Accusations of that fly all over the last decade from the ones who are the actual prejudiced ones.

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Woo Hooooo!!

Waves?   in Australia?

Bet you had those thirty - 40 footers all the time!

Around here (Myrtle Beach SC) or the Outer Banks areas 6 to 8 foot waves were the big ones. Fun to body surf, bad when you messed up and got scraped across a lot of beachfront. At least the salt water helped you heal quicker than normal.

Ahhh the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach in the late 70s........ serious collisions with the bumper cars. Then the Himilayan that had a sound system hooked up to it. Every time there for about 5 or so consecutive years this would play:



If you were in the southern USA as a teen in 1977... especially if you were at that same pavilion you will recognize it. I can just about taste the salty air (& something else) when I hear it!

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2 hours ago, Full Range said:

@JohnJ I also had long hair in the seventies but I wasn’t a hippie 

Because I lived and grew up in a beach town just about all surfies had long hair 


Look up Newcastle in AU on google earth to see the choice of beaches we went to chasing waves 

Hippy...have not heard that expression lately...lol

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