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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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From the vault LP #16 of over 30 

@dirtmudd  you have a story about this album and that movie 


This album is from 1979 and has that famous song - An Englishman In New York 
Very enjoyable album in the Art Rock /  Prog genre 

And some very cool cover art ( I took the photo under light to enhance the colours) 

Artist - Godley And Creme 

Title - Freeze France

Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Godley-Creme-Freeze-Frame/release/5194290





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From the vault LP# 17 of over 30 


Did not know this LP was in the box - I was thrilled to see it 

Nice to play a little more jazz fusion from a collaboration of two great artists live 

This is a really nice album 


Artist - Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer Group 

Title -  Live 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Jeff-Beck-With-The-Jan-Hammer-Group-Live/release/1291111




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1 hour ago, Dave1290 said:

Happy Father's Day Paul! Hope ya got a favorite or two.  :)

All quiet here.  Well kinda maybe.  Lil Aerosmith & Bryan Adams this evening.

Many thanks 

Have family popping in and out today 

But I got a couple of plays in the morning 

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Lazy day today, categorized some stuff and am getting ready for my continued adventures.

Wishbone Ash today:

Starting with Argus that I recalled when played a hundred pages back by someone else. Then have Four and Pilgrimage to go, they're pretty inventive with their sound!





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I'll check youtube for it before my premium trial ends @oldtimer


Editor in Chief? @dirtmudd :lol:

Good music!


I'm not intoxicated today, what I have here is the last of the LP haul that was cleaned and not played yet.

Have an appointment tomorrow at the record store and unfortunately Argus was the only Wishbone that made the cut to stay, not tunes wise but condition of vinyl.

*Nope I'll take those two skips- one on each, and keep them, they're good!

Next up early 70s folksy stuff that is fun and reminiscent of the Dead. This one was held together with packing tape long ago, the strings from inside were coming out, took most off and put gorilla tape so the record couldn't slip out.




Sleeve P  Media VG

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On 4/18/2020 at 10:06 PM, Full Range said:

chose was from a Canadian artist and I don’t know how she found this album as it was in a hidden area and not even catalogued 


because she put it there...


what makes you think that you have all the fun spinning..


most likely when your at work she's spinning...

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