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Vinyl - Record Spinning

Full Range

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My last record for today. I hear them for the first time because they also arrived only today. Have waited a very long time for it. Dean Brown with Dennis Chambers and Will Lee " Live at the Cotton Club Tokyo ", ZYX Records , 2013 . I´m impressed ..a real live high end audio production ...









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4 hours ago, MicroMara said:

Rolf Kühn inspired me to listen now to Al Di Meola Project with his album " soaring through a dream". I am so glad that @Full Range introduced this to me a few months ago. It is equally dreamlike .....

I don't know IDK, if it's an official category

but the term I am familiar with is Dream Pop

It comes on one of the local stations at 10pm Central aka 22:00



About 35-40 miles away

most nights my tuners can grab the signal

omni directional antennas.

There may be a way to save the radio stream on your PC for hours when you are awake, me too

Listen Live WNIJ



ECHOS broadcast and streaming



Dreampop playlist, didn't listen to the entire list so no opinion on it



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3 hours ago, Full Range said:

A classic album and accompanied in this listening session by my 16mth granddaughter 

Never to early to start them on Prog appreciation 😎


Artist - Robert Fripp

Title - Exposure 


Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Fripp-Exposure/release/5138207




Good..... start them young !

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Good evening once again my vinyl friends!  Been a bit, but, over in RTM spinning this ELP classic I bought back in the day!  Still sounds just fine considering it's age!  Here is the front cover all very familiar to us prog rockers IMG-0669.jpg:)

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1 hour ago, Full Range said:

Needs to be better than the Wiggles 🤪🤪🤪


We are watching a Duets performance of Eagle Rock 

A classic song 





Muppets 123 Count with me

I'm sure the kids will love it on your gear

Over and over again .....


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After completing a tour with Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett EC sat down and cranked out his first solo album in 1970.   Many critics said it lacked his creativity and could have been much better than it was.  EC has always been laid back and comfy in his own skin so it's got him all over it!  



Enjoy  :)




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Yup, it all broke loose in 1978 @ the Cow Palace near San Francisco when Neil Young and Crazy Horse ripped this double-live lp.  Amazing sound quality and just soooo many good songs.  It's got Neil all over it!  Nummy on that mouth harp too!  :)



Now, be honest, HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU EITHER SUNG THIS SONG or STOMPED YOUR FOOT TO IT???  Come on!!!  I know ya ALL have!  :)







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The fourth album by British rockers 10cc recorded in 1978 with cover art used for the 3rd time by Hipgnosis..  Some crazy good stuff right here.  Too bad they always got cracked on by everyone for being insane.  A friend once compared them to Zappa.  I didn't laff too hard!  :)







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