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2 hours ago, AndreG. said:



Testing the changing function: Stivie Wonder - The Secret Life of Plants


Naa, it drops the second LP, but doesn´t shift the tone-arm back over the platter. Needs some fine-tuning. Maybe I´ll do that later, everything else seems to be working.

Ordered two stylus (styli?), one eliptical and one spherical to experiment. 

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I am going to suggest a various artist collection of records 

10 in all releases 

Im also sure that @Dave1291 would have seen the artists or know of them 


A little bit eclectic as well 


Here is a description - but for more research just search 

Back From The Grave


A Tim Warren curated series collecting US and Canadian mid '60s teen garage punk... an unusually pure and primitive strain. No psychedelia, no hippy rock and no late '60s acid rock. 
Eight volumes were delivered in the '80s and '90s. 
New Back From The Graves are now out - 18 years after Grave 8 (1996). 
Volumes 9 & 10 came out on one 30 track CD in Nov. 2014 followed by Volumes 9 & 10 which came out separately on vinyl in Dec. 2014


All of volume 1 





One from volume 10 






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I'm thinking he was having a sleep over w/one of his friends but not sure.  Or maybe it was vacay???  It was something otherwise he'd be here but then again maybe not?  lol  He's not going anywhere!  lol  Could be though... lolol  :)  Now you know as much as I know.  😂

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Just hangin out!  :)  





Middle Man is an album by Boz Scaggs that was released by Columbia Records in 1980. Scaggs hired members of the band Toto as session musicians and shared songwriting credits with them, returning to the commercial, soul-influenced rock of Silk Degrees (1976).

The album reached No. 8 in the Billboard 200 album chart, and two singles reached the Billboard Hot 100: "Breakdown Dead Ahead" at No. 15 and "Jojo" at No. 17.[2]




Nope, Boz didn't last too long...  😂

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Ahhhhhh back to reality!  :)




A lil ELP change up!  Much better! :)



Tarkus is the second studio album by English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in June 1971 on Island Records. Following their 1970 European tour, the group returned to Advision Studios in London, in January 1971, to prepare material for a follow-up. Side one has the seven-part "Tarkus", with a collection of shorter tracks on side two.

Tarkus went to number one in the UK Albums Chart, peaked at number 9 in the US, and reached number 12 in Canada on two occasions totalling 4 weeks.



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