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On 6/4/2017 at 6:18 PM, burninator said:

I figure there must be a few gear heads around here. What do you have? What are you working on?


I picked up a '95 Cobra 302 for my '93 Mustang the other day. It hasn't moved in about two years, but that should change very soon.






Status on this?  What are you using for tuning?

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Got my track car on the dyno today and all went well. I made exactly the power I was wanting. My track tune is 8 PSI and ~380whp. I did push it up to 10 PSI to see what it would do, but it did fall off towards the top. I might have been able to preload the IWG actuator a little more (I have 7-8mm now... the recommended 2mm has never worked for me on any car) and it could be partially due to altitude and it starting to lose some steam up there. I will have some graphs emailed to me tomorrow... They'll be my track tune, 10 PSI tune, overlaid with the NA AP1 we had on today, and overlaid my STi graph.

For now, this is what I have:



Log from that pull:











I didn't take any video, but the shop did take video and interviewed me, so I'll have video whenever that is released.  Not sure I've posted it in this thread, which is more fitting, but I was on Netflix's Fastest Car, season 2 as the tuner to the Taurus SHO I posted earlier.  


Now I have to sort out some other things on the car and get it all back together, then back on track.

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On 6/24/2017 at 12:54 PM, burninator said:

I'm disappointed in the lack of pictures in this post! :D 


Here's a oldie but a goodie of mine. This was my project and my baby between 87 and 1990. Ford Motorsport 351W with Alan Root Al heads, D. Nash 5 spd and ford 9" with Mark Williams 2" axles and 3:55 nodular pumpkin. I was pissed when they came out with the 6 speed a few months later. Body kit (fender flares, hood and tail) were from Bill Meyer racing, back in the day. 5 lug over-sized rotors all the way around, and more hidden tricks than I have time to post. She was a screaming demon.

5_7L Mustang.jpg

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