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Buddy of mine bought this new and still takes it out once in a while.  I had to settle for a red 69 w/o the Cobra Jet.  One I wish I'd kept.  Traded it for a 73 LTD.  Don't ask!  lol   The local dealer sold it the next day to a dealership buddy of his in Cbus who bought it for his son's graduation present.  Wound up sitting in their showroom's floor.  I walked in one day, stepped over the rope around it and got in.  Heaven once again!  Two minutes later I had the old man on my rear wanting to know what I was doing.  Told him I was sitting in my old car.  He knew I was right and we had a nice talk about it.  Not For Sale.  Fun while it lasted I guess.  Sucks to be me.  




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On 8/18/2017 at 12:09 PM, Davis said:

I will keep next year on my calendar for Woodward especially since we lost 2 national and 1 regional Buick events over the last 3 years I need to add some more automotive outlets to my schedule.


I just do not get my hot rods out enough like I used to.


I did go to the Mopar Nats at National Trail last Friday. 2400 cars, it is a nice event.



A Facebook friends son holds the Pontiac world record with a naturally aspirated Pontiac. Check my friends list, his name is Maurice.



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On 1/15/2018 at 10:09 AM, Davis said:

If you enjoy early to mid sixties NHRA Super Stock cars check out this incredible collection of pics.





Wow !! I loved seeing all those old Thunderbolts and Starliners !!


I am surprised I didn't see my buddies 1955 Cammer Powered Thunderbird he won the Winter Nationals with.


Dyno Don Nicholson used to rent out my buddies upstairs in Romulus, Michigan and work on his cars in my buddies shop when he would come racing in Michigan in the summer. Last I knew, he still had a few old pieces off of some of Dons Cars.


I also saw a picture or two of Earl Wade who I have met a few times and is also an old friend of my buddies.


Mot in the pictures, Ohio George Montgomery is another friend of my buddy that I have met on a few occasions.


And, Jack Rousch used to work in Engineering at Ford with my buddy and my buddy used to do Jacks machining before Jack went out on his own.


Alot of nice old cars there !!  :D





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Few will touch this guy's rides.  One of the best mechanic's in Ohio.  Ya might just know him Roger or know of him.  He shoved it ALL under the hood on his personal rides.  Now he just smiles a lot.


No photo description available.


He bought this new from the dealer he worked for at the time.  She is STILL real fine for a 409.  It's been rarely been drivin and completely gone over.   It will give ya goose bumps just sittin there chuggin!




One I'd love to own just like eveyone else.  Absolutely gorgeous in every way!

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Nah, Mike's ride (shades) and another guy.   He bought the vette new for his wife and spent a year going thru the engine before she ever drove it.  They use a pickup for the most part.  It's a sleeper too.  That's him though.  He's meticulous.  His 409 will give ya a stiffie just listening to it.  Freakin amazing sound and flat a$$ flies!  Heard a rumor once of a 178 quarter but never did ask him.  Might have to now next time we bump.




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10 hours ago, Randyh said:

Lucky you did not bend the chassis at the rear axle --these Honda S2000 are quite a  well built frame for frontal impact , but rear or rear side  impacts -I'm not so sure  --and no roll cage setup-  quick question , how much power are you up to and is the chassis at the rear able to take it or are you doing mods -------


When I hit, it was actually at an AutoX.  I barely tapped the light base.  It definitely could have been a lot worse.  It did not touch the frame or suspension. 


I am waiting for the weather to clear back up to go to the dyno and dial the car in, but probably between 370-400whp.  I'm only going to run 8-10 PSI. 


The chassis can take it just fine. My buddy, Robert Thorne has like 640-700whp and he is a professional driver... Driving it like a professional.  You can Google his name and or "The Big Bad Wolf S2000" to get an idea.  


Most of my changes to handle the power are cooling and aero. 

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