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With all the quarantine time, I've actually have been getting my track car back together.  I am almost done, waiting on a few things, but soon I will put it on the dyno and tune it.







Had to cover half the oil cooler on the street...




First bath in probably a couple years.




I cut up a perfectly good hood.



Waiting on a replacement louver for the passenger side.



Also waiting for another Recaro seat for the passenger side.





This is just wastegate spring (7 PSI spring) which is about 5.5 PSI tapering to 4, with low timing.  One of the things I am waiting to arrive are the pins, so I can finish wiring up my electronic boost controller into the AEM ECU.  This video is also at 8k ft above sea level.  I am only going to run 8-10 PSI as this car is already fun where it's at.  






Next is that I will need to upgrade the clutch and get the damage fixed from my last track mishap...



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11 hours ago, sunburnwilly said:

I drive an STi but I appreciate what you've got going on


I just sold my STi after 10 years of owning it.  I can't say I miss the car.

I also tune a lot of Subaru's.  :)













4 hours ago, Schu said:

You backed into a barrier?


Accompanied by a long slide, pretty much.


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