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Cornwall III vs. Forte III

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12 minutes ago, Horn-player said:

In this case Forte III easily wins, since it has much greater than KI-396-SMA-II WAF, and goes deeper (38 Hz vs. 60 Hz)

I would say the Forte lll wins, now the 396 was made for a dealer here (Cory) without the fly points which makes it look better but I don't know if a normal option ? To me the 60Hz does not sound right, it sure sounds like it's lower. But the Forte 3 is cheaper and sounds great, the 396 would beat it in a huge room, huge as in bigger than inside a house.


In your room "I" would easily pick the Forte lll, as far as behind the screen, I don't know I have never had a screen to go through. :o But I doubt you would need any of the models designed for that, they are designed to go through the screen and project a very long way into a theater. To me it would be a bit much for a home theater. If you have a screen to go through and end up with Forte's try one behind the screen to see how it sounds, I think you would be surprised.

20 minutes ago, Horn-player said:

Ah-h Jubilee's, the impossible dream... 

Not impossible just tough, I couldn't do it to be honest so I went a little cheaper route.

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