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F S - George Wright 2a3 monos / SOLD


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After much thought and slowly selling of my tube gear comes the last couple pieces. George Wright 2a3 monoblocks, model 3.5, 6sn7 driver, 5y3 tube rectifier. True direct heated, single ended triodes. (DHT) A very rare pair built with English Sowter trannies. Compare to Magnequest. Amazing on LS, KHorn and Jubilee. And quiet. 

To complete this rare pairing is a Wright WLA12A tube preamp. Also tube rectified by 6x5, balance control, mute with variable gain and hi/lo input on back panel. Four inputs plus tape. 

Those in the know recognize Wright tube gear as straight forward in design, rock solid and extremely fine sounding.

These three pieces are like peas and carrots and deserve to remain together. As such I am asking $2000 for both monos and preamp. All tubes plus some spare included, of course. Captive power cords. Small footprints - 6 x 10 inch on all pieces, little real estate is required. 

These are magic on Klipsch horns so this is my first stop and Forum offer. No real hurry or cash strapped sale. Most likely off to AGon early Jan. for $2300. Email pics for those with interest --. Thanks all 

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Oh man this is the good stuff. The WLA12A is one of my favorites and the 2A3 monos are so good. George Wright was really cool I emailed him a few times and talked to him a few times. The Hi-Fi world lost a cool builder designer when he passed.






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