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NBA Playoffs

Jeff Matthews

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Rooting for Golden State but Cleveland gave that one away. Damn!  Once they blew a sure thing in regulation they had no life left in them. 


And OMFG Draymond Green really needs to stop trying to be Dennis Rodman. Sometimes he does more harm than good out there. 

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The game was a lot closer than I originally thought it would be.  This was probably the most entertaining game of the post season.  Didn't both teams shoot over 60% in the first half?  Lots of turning points in the game and you could "what if" a lot of scenarios but the better "team" won in the end.  You can point to JR's blunder but in the end, Lebron as GM has the coach he wanted and the team he wanted.  Win or lose it's on him.  If they don't win these finals  I'm sure next year he'll leave and take over a different team.

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Last year I was rooting for the Cavs over G.S.

I guess it was more because East v. West and the fact I was tired of hearing about how great G.S. is.

But how a year can change things.

Considering the Pacers were not even supposed to win 40 games this season and were a goal tend call away from eliminating the Cavs in round 1 along with the demeanor of Cleveland it looks like I am on the G.S. side this year.

All things aside it is looking like an entertaining final round.

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35 minutes ago, JJkizak said:

I'm surprised that Cleveland did as well as they did.

It happens.  There's no way they can keep up the shooting pace they had in the first half.  You have to be near perfect every quarter to beat them.

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Just now, Jeff Matthews said:

I mean, "and let Harden go."  He's not the guy to step up when it's needed most.  

Then they'd be who the Cavaliers were when they had Irving but Paul can't play a whole season without getting hurt.

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