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BASTARD PAIR of Klipsch KPT-904 - SOLD


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Alright here is the story with these. I have had a set of 510 horns for some time now so I started accumulating parts to make a bastard set of 904’s. Here is the breakdown


B&C De75 compression drivers (These have a EAW label on them but they are indeed B&C DE75’s)

KPT-904 LF cabs

KPT-904 crossovers (New)

no brackets included.


These stomp most everything in the consumer line. I will put a fresh coat of black duratex on them for you before delivery. I’m located in Murfreesboro just outside of Hope so if your coming to the festivities this weekend here is your chance to snag a pair. Price is set at 1375.00.


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Rockhound is a very solid guy.....straight shooter...no BS.....you can deal with confidence!


I'm not sure if there's anything else in the Klipsch line that would give you the shear output and solid performance, for the money!  I have the KP-450's, which are very similar (the 510 horns here are superior), and they rock!  For the money, you could buy some Chorus's or LS's, which in my opinion don't come close to my 450's or Rockhounds 904 setup.  Get 'em while you can!



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And here we go again I peruse the garage sale when there is no extra money. Gotta quit.

Was wanting more bass, the 15 " variety. Found some bass and am happy with it but these would have done it well without having to go .1 with my rig.


Never heard those LF cabinets or the B&C wide range drivers either, but d*mn..... four 15 inch Klipsch drivers in those boxes!


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If I were driving out, this would be a done deal, but probably would have some issues stuffing them into the rental car and then there's the overhead bins in the plane.  I'm sure these will be snagged up quick.  See you soon!

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