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Dreams of Cornwall’s


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On 1/5/2020 at 5:37 PM, grasshopper said:


the dream becomes reality


  I can relate to a lot of your last post, Brenda. Particularly the acquisition of legal tender and the part about those who passed before...

Enjoy them vigorously ... as I'm sure your neighbors will.



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6 hours ago, Brenda said:

Now I’m waiting for the hookup/wiring genie to appear! I hate wires but I love my music much more! 

 soon as you have everything connected...


6 hours ago, Brenda said:

 I love my music much more! 



And when you turn it up... Your neighbors

Will also like it !

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On 1/5/2020 at 10:19 AM, jvs1670 said:

Considering they are still worth about that much and you could get almost all your money back you really spent nothing...just tied your money up for a bit.  

You also have to consider that INFLATION has made that 1,500 US dollars worth a whole lot less since 1977. Today's dollars would be $6,587 as the new price, NOT 1,500 and calling "about that much."

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I see you [re]moved some items from the room... a sub and a pair of bookshelf speakers. Put them in your "doghouse"?

 Your wiring genie came, yes?


No complaints from the neighbors?  No... crank it up. My neighbors don't whine. Even when my wife had me turn it up to uncomfortable levels, even for me. 

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14 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

What kind of new pick up can you buy for 20k?  Tonka?


Brand new Nissan King Cab (2019 model), 4 cyl, manual tranny, < $20K: https://www.nissanusa.com/vehicles/trucks/19-frontier/compare-specs.html/versionkey/31159.html


Even a new Ford standard cab pickup truck (base work truck) starts @ $28,500 msrp. Couple years from now there will be NO new pickup in the USA for < $20k. 

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We got one here on the farm we'd sell you for slightly under $20K.....  actually two of them!  Might even sell BOTH for slighly less than $20K....  Just please agree to ignore the grass growing on the hood of the first and that the second truck will abruptly stall & die on you.....not when you are home but usually at the red-light in the middle of downtown during 5:00 traffic.  It's almost got a mind of it's own.

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