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Juicy Music Peach Preamplifier for sale (NorCal)


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Hey all,


I’m listing a beautiful JMA Peach for sale. I bought the unit from Mark1101 here in the Klipsch community last year. I’ve enjoyed it greatly but I’m getting married this year and it’s time to let go of a few items to help the wedding fund.

This Peach went back to Mark Dineen over the years for all the upgrades except the metal box and the remote. 
It’s operating perfectly, and I can’t find any cosmetic blemish on it. Included are the original manual, extra set of tubes, and schematic.


I’m asking what I paid for it- $1200 plus shipping.

I have the elaborate protective packaging Mark shipped this to me in, so rest assured it will be well-packed if you need it shipped.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks for looking!




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The only reason I sold this unit is because I had a matching set of NBS (with wooden case) preamp and VRD amps.  This Peach has a more 3D presentation and depth of sound stage than my NBS and as beautiful as it is I had to choose the matching set.  But, it was wonderful with the VRDs.  The case on this Peach is really sharp as well.


This line stage unit has the 6H30 upgrade...........in fact every single line stage upgrade Mark D. offered (black/grey face decal, grounding improvements with 3 position ground switch, noise reduction improvements, and 6922/6DJ8 conversion to 6H30 on V1).  I did not get the metal box obviously, and it does not have the remote control.

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It also has a home theater pass through.  It has stereo/mono, a tape monitor loop, and a standby mode to keep the tube heaters on.  You can see all this on the front panel controls.  The main volume control is an Alps.  I believe the input selector as well.

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If someone would offer me an arm and a leg for my NBS and VRD set I would buy this back and use it with one of my John Warren updated McIntosh MC-2100s and be happy happy.  It WOULD take an arm and a leg of $$ to grab my NBS/VRD setup.  But hey........what's not for sale?

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