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SOLD Cornwall III, last pair ever made SOLD

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SOLD              SOLD              SOLD              SOLD




The last pair ever made.


From generously donated by Cory Harrison Klipsch Museum Founder's level Member.


"If anybody is in the market for some Cornwall 3's, don't forget about the set that the Museum has.  This is the last pair of CW3's that came down the line at Klipsch.  The first ones were made in March 2006 which is quite a long time for a speaker to be in production plus there were 16 years prior to that where no Cornwalls were made at all, you'd have to go back to 1990 to find the last pair of the previous version.  I felt like it was an "end of an era" situation and wanted to secure them.  


I also talked all the plant employees into signing them, given the situation. Anybody who was working there and was involved with Cornwall production signed the back of them.  The only sad part is that I think Karen Joy's signature was missing, she sanded these things for years and years but retired shortly before all this happened.  [I believe the Museum might be able to get Karen to come in and sign them].


These are beautiful speakers, one of a kind, something you can pass down to your grandkids.  No other known Cornwall has a story like these.  100% of the sale price will go to the Museum."


We are offering these one of a kind end of an era pair for $5,000. If you are attending Pilgrimage we can discount a respectable amount because we can save shipping and insurance costs.


You can PM us here or send me an email at travis@klipschmuseum.org. 


SOLD              SOLD              SOLD              SOLD




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Good!  I haven't been keeping up with things, but I hope they went to a decent mid-horn size and crossover to finally distinguish the midrange from the Heresy.  That comment probably shows my datedness as well as my opinion.  I thank you -- to me, this is very good news.  I hope the reviews are really good.


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