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Retro Spirit, Randy California

Great live when I saw them in their prime 1976 ish



Rolling Rock slide



Spirit ~ Rockpalast 1978 (Full concert)




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Mountain Live, King Biscuit Flour Hour


1 You Better Believe It 0:00

2 Theme for an Imaginary Western 6:58

3 Never in My Life 11:56

4 Jingle Bells 16:25

5 Get Out of My Life Woman 18:50

6 Mississippi Queen 25:07

7 It's for You 32:01

8 Nantucket Sleighride 39:40

9 Roll Over Beethoven 50:30

10 Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On 52:20

11 Bonus Interview 54:52



Mountain - Live In Paris 1985

Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) (Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan - August 1973)



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3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Still an excellent show George!

That Golden Earring song was on the radio as much as something from Hotel California or Freebird back in the late 70s where I was. Still on Little Feat here.

Their biggest evergreen in Europe " RADAR LOVE "




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Don Kirshner's In Concert

Stero Simulcast Live performance

My very first rock concerts on our 20 in Sylvania BW TV, and JC Penny Stereo, it was fantastic

The Guess Who ABC In Concert March 2, 1973



Great Concert from radio broadcast, never saw them but sound like a great show


The Guess Who - St. Louis 1974 (KSHE Radio Broadcast)


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Think I saw the leader of the air guitar movement at the beginning of that vid @Bubo

& you might be turning me into a Poe fan after to listening to the ones you've posted. Seen her bumper stickers on those bumper sticker cars for years now with other bands they've played on nugs that I have on my streamer.

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todays music

They have too many releases for me to hear in a week but I'll start in `73 with an lp I miss right now, good anecdotes, short tunes, a great singer... RIP Ronnie, Paul, Robert, RJ, Buddy, JR and Barry. Doraville, it's a good place to be, except that SE tornado outbreak spring of `82 or `83 when I lived there


Atlanta Rhythm Section - Topic - YouTube




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