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Done with getting myself through the chores music.


New stuff from a well-known to most of us artist.

Don't think Tales of Mystery & Imagination, Eve or IRobot could ever be topped though!



@MicroMara Hope You & Yours are all well and happy!


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Cool @sunburnwilly believe Ozzy's got more R&R left in him even with that infamous slur now. Kids at the show did not know Black Sabbath? pitiful. Priest either? so sad

Halford aged worse I think, he doesn't finish what he's singing there. Glad he's not in his chaps like when I saw him! Saw both their bands twice before 1980.

Heavy and relentless back then! But heck I woke up sometime in the last decade feeling/looking like I'd been beat with a BIG ugly stick so we all get older I guess.:)

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Just a bit of a tease for me actually.  Pre-Sale Tickets went on sale today for Joe's Vet Aid November show in Cbus.  Gonna be a pretty good show since it's the last time out for the original James Gang.  Dave Grohl will be with the Gang, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys and The Breeders.  That much fun for $150 a seat?  I picked up tickets for friends today.  hahaha  Think I'll sit back w/the boys mixin the tunes.  The stars have been aligned for me the past couple months and I'm not changin a thing.  Will be great seein the Gang again.  I've heard that "last time" before.



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This is actually one of my favorite songs from their first "Yer Album"  entitled "Collage"  



I was told it's gonna be a "blast from the past" and a "family reunion!"   So we shall see.  :)


What's Dave GRohl gonna do?   Anything he wants!


Wait, is Ringo gonna mysteriously appear too???


Let's just hope Covid doesn't rear it ugly head again.

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